Anti Aging Diet: On Calorie Restriction for over 20 years

Anti Aging Diet: On Calorie Restriction for over 20 years


proflo199 says:

Thanks! I lasted almost two weeks and then pigged out a little from
unrelated stress LOL! But back to it now lol. It’s very achievable eating
something different every day I think. yesssss.

zsdg34 says:

Holy S*#%T !! Ill give it a try when I’m 55 it’ll be the year 2050 !

Matthew Lake says:

😀 Good luck!

marlies rademakers says:


Matthew Lake says:

Yup! The earlier a person starts the longer they will remain youthful. Not
bad for his party lifestyle prior to the diet!

signupisannoying says:

He doesn’t look that skinny. It almost looked like he has love handle at

Matcha .Chick says:

Wow, he looks amazing at 55!! I have started doing calorie restriction to
stay slim but to now know it keeps you looking young is a bonus.

toubiotis says:

Regarding apples: ”Research is pointing to the fact there is not one single
phytochemical that supplies apples’ anti-cancer properties… It’s the
whole apple.” – Rui Hai Liu, Cornell University.

N Hinton says:

There’s now conclusive results from a study on monkeys showing that
nutrition matters more than caloric restriction, so it’s best to eat plenty
of vegetables and fruits while on a caloric restricted diet. Plus, you get
fuller eating tons of plant based foods rather than eating a limited amount
of caloric dense foods like hamburgers.

bassim kaasboer says:

you can run over by a car and than what.

Sam Heald says:

I would be pretty happy if I was 55 years old and was still more good
looking than like 90% of men that are at least mid-30s.

2ftpmarco says:

yes, i saw it, he is from 18 April 1957 thanks for all the video’s !

Shooter Mcgavin says:

did they say he was 55? looking pretty good

shang wang says:

In front of the proof I want to stick to it but I feel a little bit weak?

toubiotis says:

The effect of CR on circulating IGF-1 concentrations is not significantly
reduced in humans unless protein intake is also reduced (Fontana et al.
2008). An ad-libitum whole foods, plant-based diet manages to restrict
calories AND protein by lowering calorie density and being low in protein
by definition. T Shintani, MD has showed this in his 2 studies.

andy delapena says:

What a boring diet just the skin WHAT

zsdg34 says:

The okinawan people practice the same thing

Matthew Lake says:

He’s now 55. There is an older video of him on my channel.

Audrey Fox says:

He looks like Edward Norton

abelcsabaika says:

fifty fucking five?! My first thought was when I looked at this guy was:
“hmm he must be pretty determined to do calorie restriction at 25”

proflo199 says:

55! He looks like an old 30 year old!! I just started calorie restriction
yesterday (again) but this time I really started it! And I’m not quitting!
It just feels much better. It’s like wafting around spiritually if you eat
less rather than feeling bloated and cripple lol. Thanks so much for
putting this vid up!

Matthew Lake says:

David isn’t feeling sad about his life. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

2ftpmarco says:

i think he looks like about 34

delerak says:

What a sad way to live life. I will get fat and lazy later in life and I
don’t care.

DebbieJo Lederer says:

Dang he looks like 29-30!! Amazing!!!

DracoGlacius says:

Hey Matt it’s Mike XD Wow, he really does look amazing for 55… I’m
shocked at how young he looks. It blows my mind that he will be 60 in 5
years; incredible. This is proof to me that CR works

19Jetta says:

he is 55?! He looks amazing – I would have guessed mid to late 30’s

Jose Sanchez says:

He look fantastic, I believe that the reason is not calorie restriction is
other factors, he probably have a stress-free live, and he have other
healtht habits like exercice… and about food, calorie restrition is
benefical but he fact is that he eats a HIGH NUTRIENT DIET.

Meeks4487 says:

I have been doing it and I feel great. This video convinced me!

odoublely says:


spoonman73 says:

Dude looks pretty young for 55. I wonder if he dyes his hair?

Zeldasim1997 says:

Sorry but I am pretty sure we are meant to look old to show that we are not
suited to have children since we are old…makes sense right? Also: Why
would I want to live a few years longer while restricting myself? I know
one old woman (90+) that wishes to die already.. why not use your youth and
die when you are old? I don’t get it.

eachshade ofblue says:

my foot buget is tight thats my cr plan

Dana Duley says:

I bet his brain health is that of a 20-30yr old also! Good for him! This
video was published in 2012 it seems, now two years later science has
backed this finding up even more, I wouldn’t call it a theory…. Its a way
of life everyone should try… I’ve been Intermittent fasting here and
there for the last 4 years, I was a bodybuilder, now I am working fairly
lots, however I have been studying nutrition for 4 years as well and do so,
several times a week all through any free time I can attain. It only makes
sense, the less food, is less chemicals, our hunter and gatherers era our
food source was not abundant as it is today, food is readily available!!!
This guy sets the new standard, I do believe he will lead a long life! (he
should however invite a cheat day or treat himself, as this would make a
healthy mentality of not always being in strict lifestyle!!!) ha ha ! 

chris hob says:

any updates on this guy

De Gup says:

is it the same as eating 5000 calories but burn 4000 calories or so with
sports like swimming etc

porquilhoo says:

if you take amphetamines you can do this calorie restriction WITHOUT the
struggle of feeling constantly hungry. Which is the main reason people
don’t do it. Amphetamines are a wonder drug.

Emil Johansson says:

55? I seriously thought 35. He does NOT look like he is 55.

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