Armoured Cables: Offering Sturdy and Durable Power Transmission Cables and Accessories

Armoured Cables: Offering Sturdy and Durable Power Transmission Cables and Accessories

Protection of your cables is essential for secure and consistent transmission or conduction of power in harsh climates or corrosive environments. This is where armoured cables are suitable. Armoured cables are usually made from interlocking or continuous aluminium or stainless steel wire armour. The armour protects the cable inside it from water and provides mechanical protection against heavy strain. Unlike cable shielding, the steel wire armour is wrapped around the cable. Thus, armoured cables play an important role in power transmission for residential as well as commercial purposes.

So, if you are seeking the best place for purchasing armoured cables, then you can rely on Armoured Cable. Armoured Cable is a reliable online retailer that offers wide range of armoured cable accessories as well as armoured cables.There are many accessories that are required with armoured cables, such as

1. Warning Tape: These tapes are attached to the cable for indicating that armoured cables are installed underground. Thus, these are used to prevent any sort of damage to the cable while digging.

2. Armoured Cable Dispensing Tools: These tools are used for dispensing cable from drums and reels, Junction Boxes and are also used for joining a length of cable to a device or piece of equipment.

3. Armoured Cable Cleats : These are used to attach armoured cable to walls and towering structures etc.

4. Armoured Cable Glands: The cable glands are primarily used for securing armoured cable into a piece of equipment or device.

There are a large variety of these armoured cable accessories available at this online store such as plastic adaptable boxes, armoured cable rollers and jacks plus many more. The armoured cable glands, available at this online-based store, are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications. is your one stop solution for all your armoured cable requirements. You can choose from the wide range of electrical wiring equipments and if you have any specific requirements, then you can contact their sales team any time. They offer assistance over the phone to their customers.

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