Ashenoff and Associates: Offering Reliable Investigation Services Through Certified Investigator

Ashenoff and Associates: Offering Reliable Investigation Services Through Certified Investigator

If you own a company and want to keep up with the competition and stay updated, then you surely need a talented team of employees contributing in your company’s growth. But, these days, frauds and crimes are increasing and trusting employees can turn out to be regretful if proper verification of their credentials is not done. To safeguard your company’s interest verification and investigation must be carried out through a reputed investigation agency like Ashenoff and Associates. Ashenoff and Associates is a reliable investigation service providing company based in Miami, Florida. Ashenoff and Associates offers its clients services of investigative due diligence to evaluate the work experience of any potential candidate prior to the hiring of any employee in your firm.

Ashenoff and Associates is a certified investigation agency helping organizations to hire key personnel after due investigation of the details mentioned by the potential candidate. The agency has experienced and skilled professionals providing you with the legitimate and legal guidance and thus, help you to execute your operational tasks without the fear of fraudulent activities by employees.

Ashenoff and Associates is best known for its top class security services for various executives including, but not limited to corporate personalities, politicians and even celebrities. In addition, the investigators and professionals of Ashenoff and Associates devise a protection plan for transportation and physical protection, covert surveillance and travel management as well to ensure total security of their clients.

With over 30 years of experience, they offer tailor-made investigation and due diligence services to their clients. To conduct criminal background check Florida, Ashenoff and Associates has certified criminal defense investigators to investigate about the credit and criminal history of the targeted personnel.

Some of the services offered by Ashenoff and Associates include:

  • Covert operations
  • Due diligence support
  • Surety bail bonds
  • Workers compensation screening
  • International support
  • Security engineering

Ashenoff and Associates is a legal support providing agency also offering the services of Miami bail bonds. They are members of the Florida Surety Agents Association (FSAA).

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