Ashenoff and Associates: Providing Remarkable Security & Investigative Services

Ashenoff and Associates: Providing Remarkable Security & Investigative Services

Crimes like theft, illegal consumption of drugs & alcohol and sexual assaults are increasing day by day. These crimes most prominently occur in workplaces. But, it is not possible for business owners to investigate the cases and find out the guilty from the numerous suspects. In such cases, it is preferable to hire a detective to observe an employee who is suspected to be indulged in illegal activities. These investigators and detectives should be extremely skilled in their profession and should be appointedensuring they possess in depth knowledge of the law.

However, an organization cannot perform the task of security and detective services by itself and thus requires skilled and highly professional investigators who can help in finding the criminal. There are some reliable agencies which provide this service, out of which Ashenoff and Associates is one such reliable investigative and security consulting agency.

Overt surveillance and covert surveillance (vigilancia encubierta) are some of the types of investigation procedures that are performed so as to find the offender. Some of the prominent services provided by Ashenoff and Associates are as follows:

Covert surveillance: It is an act which is generally performed without the knowledge of the suspect unlike overt surveillance. This is generally performed with the help of devices like CCTV Camera. All the activities of the suspect are monitored by the detectives of Ashenoff. These detectives and investigators do not go beyond the limits of law during surveillance and this is generally performed after taking legal permissions.

Due Diligence: Ashenoff and Associates also provides investigators who evaluate a business or examine a person before signing a contract. Due diligence (debida diligencia) helps the decision maker of the company to take a best decision keeping in mind all the risks and benefits of the deal. This also includes pre-employment screening i.e. verifying all the details of the prospective employee. It can help the recruiter to choose the appropriate employees who neither have criminal background nor credit or debt issues.

Ashenoff and Associates perform covert operations (operaciones encubiertas) only after checking the intensity of the crime. Their team of does not violate the right to privacy of other workers.It also provides the services of executive protection by providing body guards to various public figures.

They can greatly help in finding the offender and thus reducing illegal activities in your organization.

So, if you are looking for experienced and professional investigators for solving legal matters and to avail excellent security services, then Ashenoff and Associates is the best option for you.

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