Ashenoff & Associates: Leading Private Security Consulting and Investigative Firm

Ashenoff & Associates: Leading Private Security Consulting and Investigative Firm

Many a times, it becomes imperative for business owners and celebrities to hire a professional who can provide round the clock protection to remain safe from attacks. It is crucial to avail the services of private security to identify and mitigate the risk. There are several companies that offer private security consulting (consultoria de seguridad privada) services but only few of them are as good as Ashenoff and Associates.

Ashenoff and Associates is an excellent private security consulting agency based in Miami, Florida having experience of over 3 decades. They offer remarkable background investigation, bail bond services, due diligence support, criminal background check and other such legal support. They are a team of determined and well experienced professionals who are dedicated to their work and provide you their outstanding services beyond your expectation. All their services are available at affordable cost and are far more effective than the traditional sources.

They also help you to deal with corporate legal problems of misrepresentation, espionage, theft etc. They provide meticulous attention to detail in their services of background investigations to deal with such problems. Their certified and experienced lawyers provide rigid defense in order to safeguard the rights of their clients. They have the best team of criminal lawyer in Miami (abogado penalista en miami) who provide legal support to their clients.

In addition to this, Ashenoff and Associates are board certified criminal defense investigators and comply with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act when delivering information of any misrepresentation and frauds. This information is uncovered through background investigations and due diligence.

Professionals at Ashenoff and Associates also help companies in recruitment process by their services of criminal background check Florida. They verify the education details and working experience of job aspirant and also conduct criminal background check in order to make sure that the candidate is suitable for the job.

Whether you require services of covert surveillance, executive protection or any other legal support, the professional team of Ashenoff and Associates is can assist you in an efficient manner.

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