Bidaj L.t.d: Supplying Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs to Enhance Pharmaceutical Business

Bidaj L.t.d: Supplying Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs to Enhance Pharmaceutical Business

Plants are being used for medicinal purposes since prehistoric times. Although development in the medical field has given birth to numerous synthetic drugs for every type of ailment still plants are used for producing many effective medicines. There are several pharmaceutical companies that make use of herbs and medicinal plants to manufacture natural drugs. Medicinal plants can eradicate the diseases from their roots and also these plants do not cause negative impacts on the body. There are some reliable companies like Bidaj L.t.d that export medicinal herbs Albania and herbs for drugs manufacturing industries. Established in 1994, Bidaj L.t.d has become one of the most reputed companies in Albania that caters to the demands of various pharmaceutical businesses and cosmetic firms that make use of medicinal herbs.

They supply superlative plants without any remnants of mud or unwanted weed as they themselves deal in collecting, testing, controlling and drying of aromatic and medicinal plants. Albania is a country which is rich in variety of medicinal plants and aromatic herbs. Bidaj L.t.d is located in Rrogozhine which is in the center of country and thus their favorable geographical location enables them to collect plants from numerous areas. All the aromatic herbs Albania, offered by them are cultivated from Albanian forests, fields and mountains.

This company employs advanced methodologies and latest machineries for the processing and cultivation of these herbs. Moreover, they process each and every plant with extreme care and perfection in order to avoid any harm to the medicinal properties of these plants. Chamomile flowers, Cornflower, Lavender flowers are some of the widely used medicinal flowers that you can purchase from Bidaj. Chamomile is used for making herbal tea which can improves the functioning of nervous system and can also cure insomnia. Cornflower is also used in tea to treat chest congestion, constipation and fever. Thus, these plants are not only used for manufacturing medicines, lotions and cosmetics but also tea and other edibles.

They supply a wide range of dried herbs Albania that constitutes of wild flowers, herbs and roots. Bidaj L.t.d is known for providing the products in highly affordable prices. They deliver medicinal plants to well-established firms as well as to start-up businesses for helping in their growth.

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