Buy Nutrient Rich Bottled Water from Waiakea

Buy Nutrient Rich Bottled Water from Waiakea

Like food and air, water is also indispensable for the survival of human being as it forms about 70% of the human body. Environmental pollution has greatly reduced the amount of available drinking water. Also, contamination of water by toxic elements makes it completely unfit for drinking purposes. In many developing countries, major diseases are caused due to consumption of contaminated drinking water.

Diarrhea, fluorosis, typhoid are some of the water borne diseases that mainly occurs after the consumption of unhygienic and polluted water. Thus, it is extremely important to drink purified and bottled water in order to reduce the risk of such diseases. There are some leading producers and suppliers of bottled water delivery. Waiakea is one such renowned company that provides bottled water delivery.

Some of the features of bottled water supplied by Waiakea are:

• This water is manufactured using volcanic infiltration process.

• It contains all the naturally occurring electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, potassium, chlorides and many more. These electrolytes are essential for maintaining the fluid balance ne body.

• It is the most naturally alkaline waters with pH ranging from 7.6-8.8.

• It do not come in glass bottles therefore there are no chances of breakage. Also, there is no oxygen migration in water which can alter the taste

• You will get bottled water delivery with the packaging of RPET which is one of the recyclable plastics.

• These bottles do not cause much carbon emission on burning.

• This water also contains silica which is recommended for daily intake.

• It is easy to toss the bottle and carry it into your bags and purses.

• It is free from unpleasant taste or odor

• Electrolyte enhanced water bottle can reduce the chances of dehydration after strenuous workout.

• Bottled water is free from risk of contamination and thus there are no chances of infections or any water borne disease.

• The flavoring agents added to the water greatly enhances its taste.

Waiakea is one of the leading producer and supplier of electrolyte based drinking water in Culver City of Los Angeles which is extremely beneficial for your health. You can also get this water from bottled water delivery at your doorstep by simply ordering it online.

So, if you are worried about the contaminated drinking water at your home, then you can purchase bottled water supplied by Waiakea.

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