Community engagement is key to the new planning system

Community engagement is key to the new planning system

Following the reform of the Northern Ireland councils and the planning system Community consultation is now an important aspect.Elected representatives are now responsible for engaging the local community local people to ensure their views are embraced by the Local Development Plan (LDP).

Greater local community engagement allows the development of a more informed plan, for example including the local community’s views on town planning, which should mean greater community support.

In order to succeed, public consultation should include the following:

1) Settingaims and objectives for the public consultation

2) Deciding upon the most appropriate public consultation approach

3) Development of a strategy for the public consultation

4) Promotion of the event in order to spread the word tolocal people

5) Measurement of the success of each consultation

6) Evaluation of the results of public consultations

This planning process has provided more to ensure sufficient public consultation.

The vision and objectives are shown by the plan strategy. The plan also defines the tactics required to achieve the vision and objectives.

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