CRCC Asia: Providing Internship Programs in China to Upgrade Professional Experience

CRCC Asia: Providing Internship Programs in China to Upgrade Professional Experience

Interning is the best way for a college freshman to gain relevance experience in their field of expertise. An internship program will help you in enhancing your portfolio and also establishing contacts that will be essential for the success of your career. As a matter of fact, a recent study established that more than 70 percent of internships end up into full time jobs. CRCC is the largest internship consultancy service which seeks to bring students, employers and institutions of higher education together by offering the right types of internship in Shanghai. This agency has specialized in helping aspirants and professionals to secure internships in china so as to successfully launch their career.

CRCC Asia offers internships in various sectors such as architecture, hospitality, marketing, advertising business engineering and several others. The agency boasts a team of professional Chinese experts who will take you through all what you should know regarding Shanghai internship. These experts are committed to providing you with everything you will need for a smooth stay in china.

Founded in 2006, this agency is renowned for providing a safe environment for interns to work and develop their careers.

Apart from just getting internships for their clients, CRCC has availed several courses in different sectors such as CIP+ Mandarin, CIP+ Travel and also a china experience program. Additionally, CRCC strives to develop and maintain a fruitful relationship with all international and Chinese companies in cities that they operate in. They have been in successful partnerships with various institutions across the world from countries like UK, USA, Australia, Spain Italy and Germany.

To conclude, at CRCC Asia, you will not only develop yourself professionally but also personally. Therefore, if you are looking for internships in Shanghai, approach CRCC to see how far you can take your career!

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