Dr. Kimberley Bell: Serving Patients Struggling with Vertigo and Dizziness

Dr. Kimberley Bell:  Serving Patients Struggling with Vertigo and Dizziness

Dizziness, abnormal eye movements and difficulties in walking or moving, are some common symptoms of vertigo which can later turn into dangerous health conditions if left untreated. Anyone who is struggling with these symptoms should not ignore the indications and consult a doctor in order to avoid any major problem in future. As many people associate vertigo with the fear of heights, so it is more than important to consult a reliable doctor as soon as possible. Dr. Kimberley Bell is a well-known doctor of physical therapy, who has been providing exceptional support and care to all the vertigo patients for years. She was herself suffering from vertigo for many years during which she realized the importance of reliable vertigo treatment resources.

Since 2002, Dr. Kimberley Bell and her licensed team of physical therapists have been helping patients in San Diego with the Bell Method and rehabilitation process. The Bell Method is a method to treat all the vertigo issues with the highest quality techniques and strategies along with the comprehensive communication with patients. She is dedicated to heal her patients with vertigo, dizziness and other unexplainable problems, in the best possible manner and tries to make a difference in their lives. Inspired by her own situation, she could understand the symptoms and their solutions betters and which is why she can easily identify the causes, stages and effective therapies or treatments, for providing a fully active life.

Dr. Kimberley Bell through her effective Bell Method is able to help patients of all ages with these uncomfortable symptoms of vertigo. She not only provides services to vertigo patients but also offer courses for the physiotherapists which greatly aids them in treating patients who are facing problems of vertigo and dizziness.

Hence, whether you are a therapist or the one who is suffering from the symptoms of vertigo, Dr. Kimberley Bell allows you to join her vestibular rehabilitation courses and get excellent support from licensed physical therapists who have been making a huge impact for years.

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