Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor, & Cancer Survivor, Discusses Healthy Diet

Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor, & Cancer Survivor, Discusses Healthy Diet

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Surirose Johnson says:

From the research that I have seen from multiple articles, the only things
that have been shown unequivocally to increase are alpha carotene, vitamin
E and Folic acid. Everything else has been controversial. These are the
things that have been added back into Juice Plus after they stripped it the
fruits and vegetables of the fiber and water. So basically you are not
getting the whole food, because valuable components have been removed. How
are people who know this missing this critical info?

Rosemary Cornelius says:

I am a Holistic Health Coach, and I recommend this product to my clients to
ensure they get enough fruits and veggies in their diets.

Dr Marilyn Joyce says:

Not sure where you are getting your information from. But all of the
studies actually present “significant” findings. I don’t say that lightly.
As a biochemist it took me 3 years to actually begin to take JP+ – and
there were only 3 studies available at that time. And the results proved
far more than you are expressing. I’d suggest you go back and take a really
thorough look at the 30 or more 3rd party, independent studies available.

Surirose Johnson says:

I have no agenda other than to ferret out the real truth behind the value
of JP, because as with most MLM products, the price is 4-5 times what the
manufacturing cost is and I want to know based on the actual science and
the controlled studies what the benefits are. You can get B-carotene, folic
acid and vitamin E from supplements that are much cheaper than JP. I still
have yet to see the proof that it is doing anything else. I will continue
to review the rest of the research on the website.

Artur Zabranski says:

Hi! I’m Lauren.I did -15 lbs last 2 weeks.Open hawght.so#66Mf

B Sure says:

How do you test the products…in vitro, personal effectiveness, for

Surirose Johnson says:

Another thing about Juice Plus is that they don’t give any real discount to
the retailers. You only get a $50.00 discount if you order Juice Plus and
the Tower Garden because you pay $50.00 to join and get $50.00 back. The
second year by paying the annual $50.00 membership, that compensates for
the wholesale price being lower, the net sum of which is that you haven’t
saved any money. In fact with shipping costs you are in the red. .

B Sure says:

Look forward to your response to J of N test critique. Also, J of N clearly
states that other carotenoids were either non existent or not bioavailable
Comment?? You STRONGLY state in your presentation the ineffectiveness of
fractionated supplements. Yet, cumulatively, I count 14+ enrichments in all
three J+ products. Even CoQ10 is added to Vyard. Is this NOT EXACTLY what
you stand against. Correct me if I am wrong. If not, please correlate your
presentation to the product label & explain.

Alicia Lowry says:

I noticed a change in my energy levels within the first two weeks

Surirose Johnson says:

I indicated in my post that I have read some of the research from the major
institutions that have been studying it. At least five or six of them and
reviews of the research by Sloan-Kettering showed that only alpha carotene,
Vitamin E and Folic acid have unequivocally increased, and these are the
vitamins that have been added back into the juice extract. The other claims
that have been made about JP are controversial because the results have
been inconsistent amongst the studies.

Alison Hamlin-Hughes says:

Juice Plus changed my life, I love the way I feel, & I love the way my skin
looks & feels. I feel protected from the inside out 🙂

Purple Ann says:

I’m taking it and feeling the benefits already

Cheryl Reiser says:

Indisputable research proves you are getting the crucial vitamins and
nutrients and 10 of thousands of phytonutrients and anti oxidants. What
exactly are you missing? My family has been using JP for 12 years and have
experienced countless health benefits. My blood work amazes my Drs every
year. Energy to keep up with 8 grandkids never falters! I don’t take JP, I
don’t feel as well. Reviewing the peer reviewed medical journals may help,
just a suggestion

facciaditosta says:

I experienced a lift in energy within a week and my cholesterol dropped
from 262 to 160 with six weeks and stil decreasing, with no lipitor or
aspirin. please contact me I will give you information you need to live
well. What have you got without your health? facciaditosta

Kathy Sudaria says:


Dr Marilyn Joyce says:

As a biochemist I test all of the products that come across my desk – as
well as read the actual research already performed with the specific
product. Juice Plus is the real deal – I’ve been using it personally for
the past 15 years. Frankly, I wouldn’t miss a day of including it in my
health regime. They test the actual product the customer ingests. It would
be completely out of integrity to do anything other than that. Hope that

Surirose Johnson says:

I suggest that you read the actual journals to see what the results state.
People make a big deal about the fact that it is heavily researched but
they stop there. You have to actually read and understand what the results
are showing. I was taking JP for a long time, but I cannot objectively
state that I noticed a difference in my energy level. How can you isolate
the effects of JP on your heart, from everything else that you are doing
for your health? Ever heard of the placebo effect?

JuicePlusJules says:
AmbrociousXP says:

A revolution of human health has begun!

Michelle Sells says:

17 fruits vegetables and grain in a capsule im healed from cancer on a

Marie B says:
Kimberly Howell says:

Lets get healthy.

Just1Perspective says:

I don’t like that there are grains in it. Almost ALL grains are now GMO,
ALL grains have to be properly fermented also how do I know these grains
are completely NON gmo and fermented?

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