Freelee’s daily diet for longterm weight loss and stimulant free vitality.

Freelee’s daily diet for longterm weight loss and stimulant free vitality.

ALL my BEST weight loss,recipes, cycling, mental, training and lifestyle tips in ONE Book



TheAbStand says:

Thanks for sharing this – trying hard to cut stimulants out of my diet. If
anybody with neck/back pain are looking for a way to work their abs, we
encourage you to visit theabstand*net We created a machine to work the abs
while standing, putting less stress on these areas.

Andy Vegan says:

You guys make the perfect couple, perfect team and the best of friends. I
think its soo cute

Skinny On Raw says:

Now people have ZERO excuses why they can’t eat healthy! ZERO!!! 🙂

lissyriddle says:

your face looks like you’ve had botox and I mean that in a totally
complimentary way. It glows.

Skinny On Raw says:

The fastest way to ripen persimmons is to buy them earlier! Leave them till
they are soft. Have a fruit room/pantry where all the ethylene gas released
from the fruit goes into the other fruits to increase ripening.

Lee SOG says:

Thanks for the vid, on point as always! 😀 .. I have a potentially awkward
question here though my friends… Everything you’s stand for makes sense
to me (HCLFRV), but how do those people with the greatest longevity on the
planet, actually eat low calories or ‘just enough’ to get through?.. What’s
going on here???

Bike Rider says:

How do you eat 1000+ calories of corn pasta? (or any grain for that matter)
800 calories (half package) takes me like 45 minutes to eat slowly. Always
ending up at me bursting at the seems like thanksgiving. Always feels
evident that im overloading my system. Especially with how long it then
takes to digest the overload. Because i feel it. Are we really supposed to
keep eating after it starts to hurt? Thats what id have to do to eat more
than 800 cals of pasta. What gives? :/

Forrest Wilson says:

I’m talking 3 heads of spinach and two heads of romaine, plus 2 red bell
peppers in addition to all my fruit. I actually find this to be necessary
as it seems to keep me from ever getting tired of fruit, especially at
night when I always used to need to eat potatoes because I was so ODed on
the sweet taste

Rob Vegan Persie says:

that’s the reason fruit rocks

Bike Rider says:

Nope cant eat more than 800 calories of fruit either, and ill even get
nauseous if i try to push it unlike cooked carbs. Its even harder. I get
stuffed. Been doing high carb vegan for almost 2 years so its not like i
just need to stretch my stomach or something. Not that i subscribe to
astrology stuff but virgos are notorious for poor digestion, so i hope im
not just broken. I want to be able to eat enough to make sure im at optimal
sport smashing levels like you guys apparently need to be at.

Lauren Hirsch says:

I like how you’re not totally obsessed with being 100% raw. You are willing
to eat potatoes, squash, etc. if you have to.

Joal Harding says:

I know, ridiculous! But the perfectionist side of ppl, myself included,
especially trying to eat 100% 80-10-10, doesn’t include any cooked foods.

Cardio Fifa says:

Please do a video on the pros and cons of Vegan vs Raw Vegan

Thor isthebest says:

40pounds a month i live off as i’m a student..i did just get cans of soup
with before but the salt is too much so i stopped

Kaylan Richardson says:

I love you guys

lemurian chick says:

Freelea, what brand is that water filter?

Skinny On Raw says:

Its pretty much the same thing. If you are going to use sugar ALWAYS buy
organic sugar. Its so easy to get a hold of and supports organic farming
practices. Obviously focus on sugary fruits. Sugar can help add the sugar
that would have been there if the fruit was not picked so long ago before
it could properly tree ripen.

giavellireport says:

Your grapes in the states if organic, would cost 40 bucks.

00great226 says:


Forrest Wilson says:

Wow this is a great video, I am impressed by the volume you can eat! Never
would have guessed. Is it weird that I eat so many greens? I

88desertsun says:

Great video, I’ve tried this diet an

rodartem89 says:

You’re such an inspiration. Thanks for the video.

Yura Sarancha says:

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Mrsinister Yups says:

when is she gonna do what she needs ” a weight gain video”?

Justin Doyle says:

I love videos like this! As juicing was my entry point into raw foods I can
definitely relate to being on the verge of pigging out. I have a question
about SUGAR. I see you have coconut sugar and Harley had maybe just organic
raw SUGAR? I have heard him say refined? How do I know what SUGAR I can and
cant buy? I want to start using SUGAR?

Lmalcol2 says:

#kill yourself

Candy E says:

I am really loving the daily videos. I have by no means perfected the raw
food lifestyle yet but your videos keep me inspired to do the right thing.
Will your new book be coming out soon?

1sunbear says:

Instead of using salt, I find that good quality high flavour celery that
naturally contains salt from the soil is great with potatoes.

Planet Steph says:

Thank You for your honesty Freelea & Harley. I think this new regime is
less dogmatic and allows more people to get interested in the program. I’m
transitioning to this lifestyle right now and this video is very

Vova Dimidov says:

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j.l.0506 says:

freelea i love persimmons too but i always can only find the super firm
ones in the market, it takes a super long time to get them as soft as the
ones in this video, is there any way u know of that can ripen persimmons

Andriy Puroshev says:

Nice, but .I did -15 lbs last 1 week.More here

Neal says:

Like It!!!!

pomona says:

Love this style! Keep making these sorts of videos, it’s helpful and fun
to watch, very motivating!

ibeth chacon says:

how many grams of fat do you suggest someone eat?

dewaynehart says:

i really wish this camera man would become mute!

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