How Homerswood Reclaim Yard adds a Classic Touch to Your Home

How Homerswood Reclaim Yard adds a Classic Touch to Your Home

Reclaimed wood is gaining trend amongst the European households with more and more people using reclaimed wood in their homes. Reclaimed wood is the reclamation or reuse of wood from old furniture or flooring. As people realize the value of cutting trees for wood, the demand for reuse of wood has increased drastically. Timber, the most common and one of the strongest woods is being sourced from old households going under renovation or while replacing the old flooring to be sold as reclaimed timber wood. Homerswood Reclaim Yard is one such seller of reclaimed wood.

Homerswood Reclaim Yard sources its wood for re-use with the help of experts who choose and select only the best condition floor boards and other pieces made of wood. This wood is then processed for reuse in modern day households without tampering it too much. The promotion of use of reclaimed wood by Homerswood Reclaim Yard is not only to give homes a classic look, but its main objective is environment protection. Since, wood is sourced by cutting down trees, use of reclaimed wood helps to limit deforestation.

Homerswood Reclaim Yard specializes in procuring and selling pine floorboards made from reclaimed pine wood. These floor boards add a classic charm to your flooring with its traditional look and feel. These floorboards are a great option for those people who wish to redecorate their home with a classic feel.

Homerswood Reclaim Yard’s major sales are driven by Pitch Pine flooring. Pitch pine, which was mainly used for making floorboards and plywood, is rated amongst the best flooring materials. Pitch Pine wood has a natural look and is one of the most sought after flooring. Homerswood Reclaim Yard specializes in sourcing the best pitch pine flooring and offering it at pocket friendly prices for its array of loyal customers across UK.

Homerswood Reclaim Yard is based in UK and has been serving its customers for over 18 years. The company only deploys the most experienced and skilled staff for sourcing, installation and maintenance of reclaimed wood to ensure the classic look of their customers’ homes’ is sustained.

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