Padvue: Offering Remarkable Services for Home Sellers and Buyers

Padvue: Offering Remarkable Services for Home Sellers and Buyers

If you have ever bought a property or sold one, then you will understand how difficult and tricky the real estate industry is. In the last few years the real industry has seen various ups and downs, due to fluctuation in economic condition of the country. Being able to sell or buy a house for a decent price is not an easy task at all. For a smooth transaction, a professional is always required. A professional who has complete knowledge of the ins and outs of the real estate business. Here at Padvue, we have a combined experience of over 30 years in the Seattle and Bellevue area. We work with first time home buyers, real estate investors, foreign buyers, out of state buyers and relocating sellers. We not only provide excellent service but provide our clients with substantial savings. The discount real estate agent provides the best value for all types of buyers and can provide substantial savings in the long run.

Padvue is a real estate firm under the brokerage of AgencyOne and is located in Bellevue. Padvue can help you in both selling and buying a home. Padvue has a strong reach in the market and holds a team of experienced and professional agents. Hiring Padvue, along with all other benefits, gives you three major advantages. First, they got all the experience and understanding of the every changing and fast paced real estate world today. Second, they have mastered all negotiation skills and third they can handle all your paperwork and provide excellent communications. All information about them and details of deals and offers are just a click away from you, their website is one among the best real estate websites; where you can find the house of your dreams.

Unlike other agents, who trap you in unexitable contracts and charge heavy commission from you, Padvue always provides the most value for your money: offering hefty commission rebates to home buyers and significant savings to sellers.

To their valued buyers, they offer a commission rebate up to 50 % so that buyers may apply this to their closing costs. While selling a home, a seller typically pays 6% to the broker and to the buyer’s agent collectively but if you let Padvue list your house they will charge only 1% to 1.5% listing commission saving sellers thousands of dollars!

Padvue also provides MLS listing service to all both their sellers and buyers. With low commission fees and far excellent services, Padvue is the best real estate company available in the Seattle & Bellevue area.

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