PakSense- Carefully Preserving your Environmentally Sensitive Products

PakSense- Carefully Preserving your Environmentally Sensitive Products

Products that you use in your day-to-day life like fruits, vegetables and even medicines need to be stored in a well maintained temperature so that they do not get spoiled. The room where such environmentally sensitive products are stored and maintained is called cold chain to keep them safe and remain fresh. Cold chain facility ensures a particular temperature required to sustain that particular product.

One such cold chain and environmentally monitoring solutions manufacturing company is PakSense. PakSense provides the retailers, suppliers and the exporters the world class equipments that help to ensure the safest and freshest food to your customers. They have cold chain expertise which provides complete monitoring solutions to the customers. PakSense’s products like AutoSense Inbound protect records a database of regulated temperature and reports any sudden change in conditions so as to protect the products from getting perished. PakSense also works with the cold chain logistics providers for the maintenance of the vaccines at a particular temperature. It provides the tool for monitoring the supply of food items.

The company provides cold chain solutions for food, life science, industries, etc. They have an adroit staff of more than 80 years’ experience in different sectors like grocery, restaurants and food supplier. They have specific monitoring solutions for different segments including the import/export, harvest to supplier, etc.

The PakSense products of life science are shipped with the NIST certificates and are validated. They have the skills to develop a separate and complete cold chain industry for life science. PakSense provides complete monitoring solution to the industries also. From chemicals to electronics or from adhesives to sealants, they provide the best cold chain equipments at affordable prices. They also provide cold chain consulting to improve your cold chain practices and help you set standards of safety and freshness.

PakSense’s prominent services are as follows:

• They engage all the stakeholders to keep the cold chain using cold chain technologies.

• They prepare and analyze report regarding maintenance conditions of products.

• They keep an eye on the cases if they’re working properly or not.

• They provide seasonal recommendations to the suppliers.

They provide monitoring systems supply chains and enable you to abide by Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

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