Pipetech Projects & Maintenance Ltd: Leading Company Offering Pipe Fabrication and Installation

Pipetech Projects & Maintenance Ltd: Leading Company Offering Pipe Fabrication and Installation

Pipework installation always has a great significance in various manufacturing plants, industries and factories. It becomes imperative when it comes to the carrying of raw materials or any chemical products from one place to another place. When it comes to the chemical industry then ensuring high quality pipework fabrication can reduce many risks and failures. Thus it is crucial to fabricate and install the industrial pipes with great care and precision. One of the trusted companies in Essex is Pipetech Projects & Maintenance Ltd that offers top-class pipe fabrication and installation services.

They provide extensive range of services which includes stainless steel pipe fabrication, carbon steel pipe fabrication, dairy pipe fabrication, vessel fabrication and fabricated skids. All their welded pipework is traceable. They also provide NDT testing, ultrasonic testing and complete x-ray checks to ensure quality products. They also do safety inspections in order to check safety and security. The company offers its fabricated pipes and services that are compliant with BS-EN-ISO-15614 part 1 and ASME IX class I, making them one of the preferred pipework contractors, specialising in pipework fabrication, pipework installation and pipework testing.

Their fabricated pipework can be found all over the world in the many food processing units, pharmaceutical plants, power stations, water treatment plants and many other industries. All their fitting materials and pipes are sourced from the recognised suppliers in the UK. They provide pipework fabrication with the help of quality material such as high grade stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and titanium. They can produce everything ranging from small sized flanged pipe section to large vessels and fabricated skids.

If you are seeking a renowned company for a pipework contractorthen Pipetech Projects & Maintenance Ltd offers high quality pipework fabrication and installation services and is a company you can rely on. All their products are tested by their quality assurance team to fulfill client’s expectations and their industrial needs.

For more details regarding this pipework contractor based in Essex, you can log on to http://www.pipetechgroup.co.uk/.



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