Premier Body Armor: Delivering World Class Body Protection from Bullets

Premier Body Armor: Delivering World Class Body Protection from Bullets

Have you ever wondered what makes members of the US Military put their lives in danger to save others? What gives them confidence to face the bullet? Apart from patriotism being an obvious answer, wearing a body armor suitgives an officer an excellent protection and the confidence to face hand guns, shot guns and high powered rifles.

Choosing which company’s body armor to wear is a momentous decision. If these are chosen of substandard quality, a person could sustain major injuries.Understanding this concern, Premier Body Armor has developed supreme quality body armor, wearing one provides the best protection against high and low caliber weapons.Being founded in 2013, the company has recently stepped into the segment of body armor manufacturing. Prior to that, the company was a leader in the manufacturing of armor for tactical vehicles.Its major customers includedUSSOCOM, USMC and North American OEMs.

Their major product isthe Premier Durus 8000 which is produced by adroit engineers who take due care of safety and its quality. It is a steel armor plate with a multi curve exterior, making this plate one of its own kind and providing a level 3+ protection. Being amazingly light weighted,it is very thin to the extent of only 5mm. Accessories like a durable carrier vest, a shoulder bag and 2 inserts made of spall liner material. Body armorand carriers have a warranty period of 5 years and 2 years respectively. Use of Ballistic plates in the jacket offers the highest level of protection along with a stylish look.The cost of complete armor system might reach up to $ 469, which is quite low as compared tothe market average.

These jackets, apart from militarySAPI/ESAPI cut,have a swimmer’s cut that enable a shooter to shoulder the rifles and take different angles while shooting. It has an easy return policyand quick delivery channel. The lead time for any order is normally a day. The company also makes sure that sales of such military devices are restricted to authorized buyers.

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