Premier Body Armor: Offering High Quality and Durable Body Armor System

Premier Body Armor: Offering High Quality and Durable Body Armor System

Body armor is such as protective clothing which plays a significant role in any work environment. For those people who work or serve in the security and military forces, body armor system can be very advantageous for them in different unfavorable and dangerous situations. If you are looking for the best and high quality body armor system then Premium Body Armor can be the one stop destination for you.

Premier Body Armor are the pioneers in body armor manufacturing industry. This was founded in the year 2013 and the manufacturing and designing of their products are done at their headquarters in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. With many years of experience in this field they are specialized to provide full body armor system and accessories to protect against attacks from shot guns, high-powered rifles and handguns.

Some of the qualities of Body armor system available at Premier Body Armor:

  • Multi-Hit: As their armor has multi-hit features which give protection against high-powered rifles at 3,100 ft/s. Their ultra hard steel armor systems are manufactured to fulfill all the demands.
  • NIJ certified: Their armor are NIJ certified and has passed through strong testing to provide absolute high protection in work environment.
  • Multi-curved: Their complete body armor system is designed with multi-curved steel in order to provide the best comfort and protection in any life threatening environment.
  • Durable carriers: They fabricate their own durable plate carriers in their armor system and designed all them to deliver the best protection, flexibility and comfort.

Their armors are also featured with bulletproof vests and ballistic plate carriers and are extremely thin and light weighted.

So when it comes to security and life then body armor manufactured with precision engineering, exact craftsmanship and superior quality can be the best option for you. All these qualities can ensure lasting durability and high security for you.

In addition to this, they offer 10 years of warranty on their Durus 8000 steel body armor plates and give 2 years of warranty on each of their tactical vests and plate carriers.

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