PT Pipe Fabrication: Providing Quality Fabricated Pipework for your Industry

PT Pipe Fabrication: Providing Quality Fabricated Pipework for your Industry

Pipelines have been a part of the human life since medieval times. The hollowed out tree trunk was the first structure used as pipes or tubes by the early men. With the advancement in technology this hollowed out tree trunk was given shape of the pipes. Pipelines are safe and efficient means of transporting large quantities of fluids. They are the integral part of every industry andare essentially required for drilling, exploration and transportation of the product to many sites. Networks of pipelines are used for carrying hydrocarbon fluids and natural gas.

Oil and gas companies operate today in extremely complex conditions which require high quality pipework fabrication. This poses extraordinary demand on the companies, manufacturing and fabricating pipelines.Fabrication of pipes is required for modifying the existing piping systemtoo each clients requirements. This is aservicethe PT Pipe Fabrications Ltd can offer for fabricated pipework.

The experts atPT Pipe Fabrications Ltd, firstly makeisometric drawings which arechecked by their engineers, post which, these pre-fabricated pipe spools are fabricated to these details by the fabricator fitters and welders, to the detailed drawings. These are then checked against the drawings and for the level of quality by the factory manager before the manufactured sections of fabricated pipes are released for dispatch,along with the drawings, finally any requested NDT, traceability and weld mapping is then issues to the clients in accordance with each client’s requirements.

PT Pipe Fabrication is a leading pipe fabrication Company serving the UK and abroad and based inEssex, England. They provide fabricated pipe services to many manufacturing industries all around the globe,including, pharmaceutical plants, food processing factories, breweries, concrete manufacturing plants, paper mills, water treatment and sewage works, power station etc.

The fabricating service provided by the company is required for carrying the raw material as well as the finished product such as oil, gas and steam.PT Pipeline provides pipework fabrication in most materials, like:

• Carbon steel fabrication

• Stainless steel fabrication

• Vessel Fabrication

• Dairy pipe fabrication

• Titanium fabrication

• Fabricated Skids

The welders employed by the company for pipe welding are certified and coded to both ASMR IX and BS EN 287 standards. They are skilled in Class I and Class II standards for TIG as well as MMA welding.

PT Pipe fabrications Ltd provides remarkable services to their clients by providing full x-ray check and ultrasonic testing of their projects where required. The company prides itself on the Health and safety of the workers in fabricating and welding and monitors the health and safety of its workers through a certified safety manager who is a specialist member of SIIRSM.

Thus, if you want to establish an industry and require pristine pipeline network, fabricated and welded perfectly, then PT Pipe Fabrications Ltd is the best solution to your problem.

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