Purchase Certified Carbon Neutral and Electrolyte-rich Water From Waiakea

Purchase Certified Carbon Neutral and Electrolyte-rich Water From Waiakea

With water pollution and contamination increasing every year, clean drinking water has become one of the major concerns for people around the globe. High amounts of chemicals like fluorides and disease causing bacteria present in tap water are the major reasons behind water-borne diseases. There are some reputable companies which have taken the initiative to provide natural, healthier, and properly filtered water which are also available in recyclable bottles.

Waiakea is one such company that offers bottled water delivery with the aim to enhance health and lower the chances of ingesting water-borne diseases. This is one of the leading companies providing naturally alkaline, certified carbon neutral, and electrolyte rich water. Waiakea was founded in 2012 and since then they have provided a healthy and delicious volcanic water to people at great prices. They utilize a unique volcanic filtration process and advanced techniques for the filtration process. Water offered by Waiakea is one of the best and only natural volcanic filtered waters available.

Waiakea water contains 100% natural occurring electrolytes which include potassium, sodium, chloride, and magnesium to support in balancing the fluids present in body. This makes Waiakea a delicious and healthy volcanic water. Moreover, it one of the most naturally alkaline water brands in the world with a pH ranging between 7.6 and 8.8.

In addition to this, they manufacture their bottles using high-grade and RPET recycled polyethylene terephtalate. Their 100% RPET bottles consume 85% less energy during the manufacturing process and thus minimize carbon emissions over 90%.

One of the main goals of this company is to bring positive changes in order to reduce environmental pollution. The team of Waiakea takes an active part in carbon offset programs and regional reforestation. Their sustainable approach towards the environment has made them one of the few companies on the forefront of offering certified carbon neutral water of the best quality. You can get bottled water delivery right to your doorstep or you can purchase them from their offline retailers.

For more information about bottled water from Waiakea, please log on to http://waiakeasprings.com/.



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