RAPI: Providing Superior Construction Materials For Sustainable Future

RAPI: Providing Superior Construction Materials For Sustainable Future

For the construction of any infrastructure various types of raw materials are required. The raw materials generally used for construction process are cement, mortar, gravel, sand, bricks and different types of stones. For maintaining the proper strength and durability of a building, it is crucial to purchase high quality raw materials. Poor standard raw materials can lead to accidents and buildings made with such materials are more prone to destruction during any sort of natural disasters like earthquake and flood. There are some reliable companies that provide the best raw materials for your construction projects. RAPI is such a renowned company that deals with the manufacturing of raw materials such as mortar cement, adhesives, sealants and waterproofing.

RAPI is one of the well-established companies that offer diverse range of building materials at affordable prices. They possess 25 years of experience of working in the construction industry. They aim to deliver such type of material which can aptly fulfill the demands of the building contractors. Moreover, they try to implement environmental friendly extraction and production methods to prevent damage to environment.

Some of the raw materials you can purchase from this leading manufacturer are:

1. Mortar: Dry mortar generally constitutes sand, hydrated lime, limestone powder and cement. They provide you superior quality of dry materials which help in binding the bricks perfectly.

2. Bonding/ Adhesives: They offer you RM-310 RAPIBOND Bonding agent and RM-330 RAPISTIK structural adhesives at reasonable rates. These bonding agents can effectively join concrete and steel.

3. Grout: You can purchase excellent grout for filling crevices and for repairing cracks in wall. The various types of grout offered by them include:

• RM-405 Concrete Fill: This is used to repair vertical holes or overhead cracks

• RM-410 Patch & Repair: This is used to fill hair cracks.

• RM-450 Non-shrink Grout 550: It is the premium non-shrink general purpose grouting.

4. Waterproofing: This leading company also provides wide range of water proofing products such as concrete membrane coating and stone water repellent. RM-510 Liksil Repel WB and RM-515 Liksil Repel SB are the two best water repellents. RM-530 Liksil Flexible and RM-535 Liksil Elastic are high quality, durable waterproofing membranes.

RAPI is well-known for the remarkable construction material such as Mortar Indonesia. They constantly work to develop innovative products that can ensure sustainable future.

For more information, please visit http://rapihp.com/.



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