Reverse Type 2 Diabetes And Weight Loss I How I Reversed My Diabetes I

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes And Weight Loss I How I Reversed My Diabetes I, Reverse Type 2 Diabetes And Weight Loss is a health issues that plagues many people today. This condition is often accompanied by weight problems, which can…



Nigel Holmes says:

your passion, humility and belief make this a great video. thanks for
sharing your story

Sherry Shrallow says:

Congratulations! Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

tanishamarshall1 says:

Thank you Chef Timothy for sharing your story and for wanting to help
people get their life back.

Lori Cassidy says:

Thanks for sharing. The yoyo struggle can be in your review mirror when you
make a committment to find your ideal weight and are motivated enough to
NOT let anything stop you. All the tools necessary for success, all the
exercises, and all the right foods are readily available, BUT without
having a POWERFUL MINDSET, you are not going anywhere!

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right quantity will reset our metabolism.When we have a balanced metabolism
we easily shed the excess pounds. This is called “Weight Management The
Natural Way.”

Metabolic Balance®, a European designed program, is tailored to the
individuals unique body chemistry. Finally, a truly scientific solution
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reversing diabetes says:

lots of positive energy here :D

Bonnie Geiger says:

Thank you so much for sharing your personal story and struggles. This video
will help so many people. God bless you!

Sista Kelita says:

You have inspired me to keep going in my weight loss. I’m down to one pill
now for my diabetes and I want to be off these meds completely. I’m going
to check out your tips. Thank you for this video it’s empowering!

Chef Timothy Moore says:
Cheryl Hamilton says:

Thanks for sharing as I am reaching the point that I could become Type II.

dmana3172 says:

For everyone like you who has type 2 diabetes, my heart goes out to you and
I hope you get well soon. I hope there will be a cure against this horrible
disease that has an impact on our daily lives. :(

Natalie Francois says:

I love the video, I have type 2 I am struggling with feet hurt my
toes sometimes ..need some to start promoting good choices. .

Thepitz2000 says:

Chef, it is amazing that your story matched mine almost exactly. I was
diagnosed with type II Diabetes about 15 months ago, I decided, (like you)
it was time to change things in my life. I was sick and tired of being sick
and tired. I have changed my eating habits and started exercising on a
stationary bike every morning at least 20 to 30 min. a day. I have been off
the meds now for about two months and sugar levels stay in check. I was at
371 lbs at my heaviest and have now lost 41 lbs since Jan. 2014. Because of
the foot pain that I have, it is hard to exercise by walking. Also this
Jan. will be my fifth year that I stopped smoking. Your video was very
inspiring, I hope that others will benefit from it.

Nulifelivity says:

You have inspired me to keep going in my weight loss. I’m down to one pill
now for my diabetes and I want to be off these meds completely. I’m going
to check out your tips. Thank you for this video it’s empowering!

Jan Brady says:

Chef, I want to do a plant based diet but I am allergic to every nut on the
planet for protein. What can I do?

MZ Mary says:

Thanks for the info just found out I’m pre-diabetic…doing the research
and making the changes. My mother is diabetic insulin dependent and I can’t
see myself going through it and hopefully I can help her get off the
insulin. Thanks again.

Shanie L says:

That was such an inspiring story! It really hit home for me. It felt like
you were telling parts of my diabetes journey. Very inspiring. I will
definitely be checking out the website and getting the book. I feel very
encouraged like I can actually do this! Thank you!

Dennis Freeman says:

I will be sending this video to a variety of my friends.

Michelle Bailey says:

Great story ! It really helped me out a lot.

Maria B. Franks says:

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started it on 31th march and it was a very informative and easily readable
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Anne Richardson says:

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food and drug system, and heaIth poIicy*. *You deserve to be informed about
the variety of safer, cheaper and faster methods other than drugs,
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Amy Rosenblatt says:

+Colleen Lindsay *Knowing the Basics Knowledge can go a long way toward
easing the stress of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Learning how to eat,
exercise, and monitor your blood sugar levels are among the first steps in
understanding what having type 2 diabetes means for you.*

Hotai hoter says:

I’m reversing my diabetes as I type. I’ve lost 30lbs so far since jan 26
its march 27 today. But I did it with a low carb diet. Still eating green
veggies but most of my diet consists of meat, mostly chicken. I don’t think
you have to go vegetarian to reverse diabetes. In fact the low carb diet
worked so fast! In about a month my sugars dropped from the mid 300’s to
the low 100’s. Right know I’m off all my meds and my sugar this morning
was 112 after breakfast 🙂 I also do weightlifting now and about 30 min of
cardio 5 or 6 days a week. You can totally kick diabetes’ ass! It’s really
possible! I hope every diabetic tries what I did or what he did. Either
way we all need to get healthy and I promise you’ll feel so much better.
Literally like a brand new person its awesome!!!

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