Take Advantage Of 3D Technology for Body Scanning With [TC]2 Equipments

Take Advantage Of 3D Technology for Body Scanning With [TC]2  Equipments

3D technology has risen to heights covering industries like fashion, health, and fitness for use in variety of tasks in short time efficiently. Taking precise body measurements for well fitted clothes and calculation of health ratios has become an indispensible part. The fashion designers can’t take the precise measurements manually that can be used to stitch the perfect clothes for you. To sort out these kinds of fitting issues with the help of a comprehensive shape analysis in various industries, [TC]2has come up with a desired solution.

[TC]2is a renowned company providing 3D measurement technology comprising of machines, products and various equipments. Their products provide remarkable application of 3D technology for plethora of things. The 3D body scanner can be used for point to point to measurement of the whole body, which can be used for medical analysis, health analysis, virtual fashion, body shape analysis and to measure clothing size exactly. It takes just one second for the exact Xerox scan of body having a coverage of 360 degree of the body fulfilling all needs of body scan or 3D body measurement.

Similarly, their Mobile Scanner can be used for body scanning. It is small in size and easy to setup. It has no moving parts and can scan any colored garment to fit closely with the body along with effective hair masking irrespective of your hairstyle. Any measurements can be sent through MS Excel or Word in form of text and it can scan thousands of extracted measurements. You can even try any apparel virtually in 3D form by making your 3D avatar and can try which dress will suit you the best without having to physically put them on. It’s the most beneficial equipment for retailers and branded outlets increasing their sales and reducing dead stock problem.

The 3D body scan is beneficial for all of the industries solving minor to major problems of measurement and analysis. The 3D scanner mirror solves all visualization needs with 47-inch freestanding kiosk. The kiosk works with touch screen and shows an instant image after the scan.

Apart from all this, they also serve e-commerce, education services, marketing, inventory management and many more industries.

To know more about their services, visit http://www.tc2.com/



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