[TC]²: Providing 3D Body Scanner and 3D Body Measurement Devices

[TC]²: Providing 3D Body Scanner and 3D Body Measurement Devices

Advancement in technology and innovation has made a drastic change in every field whether it is medical, education, agricultural or entertainment. When it comes to fashion industry then you can see major transformations. With some latest techniques like 3D body measurement and virtual fitting it is possible to get fit and suitable cloths in a short period.

If you also want to get introduced with this advanced techniques and seeking 3D body measurement solutions for different industries then you should undoubtedly approach to [TC]². They are the largest and famous manufacturer of 3D body scanners, and 3D body measurement devices which are very beneficial in fashion retail market. They also offer training, consultancy, maintenance, support and installation services for their clients. Their software enables visualization technologies and help to ease the work of fashion outlets and apparel designers.

Some of the products and their features available at [TC]² are:

  • TC2-19 3D body scanner: This is the largest and world’s first 3D body scanner which has many applications in different fields such as medical, fashion and fitness industries. This is also the most advanced approach to fulfill all body measurement and body scan needs. When it comes to its features then they are available in 4D mode and can scan in 1 second with accuracy.
  • TC2-19R mobile scanner: This is a great mobile scanner which is easy to setup and can scan in 30 seconds.
  • Image Twin: With the help of Image Twin, it is easy to find fit clothes and in a faster way. It is featured with 3D virtual try-on and virtual fitting technique so you can get cloths which can suit your style and body.
  • Image Twin Mirror: This is great electronic equipment featured with touch screen and can show client direct after scan. This can also save labor cost and attract many customers.

So if you are seeking the best company which offers 3D body scan and measurement then [TC]² is a company you should take into consideration. You can experience the amazing virtual fitting and 3D body measurement technique.

For more details regarding [TC]², please log on to http://www.tc2.com/.



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