TexMac Direct: Providing Top-class Embroidery Machines and the Latest Embroidery Software

TexMac Direct: Providing Top-class Embroidery Machines and the Latest Embroidery Software

Evidenced since the medieval times,embroidery is a great means of decorating fabrics beautifully with decorative patterns and colorful threads. Earlier embroidery was completed using needles and yarns, the complex designs and patterns were stitched manually. This made this art form laborious and time-consuming. After manycenturies, the switch was made to sewing machines for making embroidery patterns. Presently, technological advancement has given birth to computerized sewing and embroidery machines. These machines provide accurate and perfect designs without consuming much time.

There are some reliable online sellers, offering high grade embroidery machines and software. TexMac Direct is one such prominent supplier of a wide range of embroidery machine as well as embroidery software. They also provide embroidery threads of high quality material and other embroidery equipment. They provide high tech single head as well as multi headed embroidery machines. These machines perfectly produce intricate and durable designs with absolute accuracy. This enables faster delivery of your stitching projects. TexMac Direct also deals in wide range of metal bobbins, anti-backlash springs as well as filament bobbin thread.

High grade machine embroidery thread is necessary for creating colorful and glorious embroidered cloth. TexMac Direct provides a wide range of polyester threads in various colors. These threads are strongerin comparison to rayon and cotton threads,they alsohave lustrous propertiesthe give a fine sheen to the embroidery design. Polyester thread, which is available through TexMac Direct, can be efficiently used for embroidering items which are laundered frequently like towels and linens.

TexMax Direct also supplies top-notch embroidery software. The software makes the apparel decoration and design easy and flexible. With the help of embroidery software; printing, designing and laser cutting becomes simple. The software provided by TexMac Directs contains full digitizing tools along with the features like:

• Photo Stitch

• Editing Suite

• Auto Digitizing, and

• Lettering Suite

TexMax Direct is one of the leading online stores providing excellent embroidery machines, embroidery threads and the latest embroidery software. They also sell a wide range of Teflon coated, wedge point, and titanium coated needles along with puffy foams, scissors, and various types of stabilizers. All of their products have superior quality and are very affordable.

Summing up, if you are looking for the best embroidery machines and latest embroidery software then TexMac Direct is one of the best choices.

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