The New Anti-Aging Diet

The New Anti-Aging Diet

Dr Robert Peers, an Australian family doctor who studies nutrition, explains how to avoid common life-shortening diseases, and also how to live “younger and stronger” with a low fat diet rich…



warsun99 says:

OK i noticed the low amount of post but ill post on this subject.For the
complete basics.This is from my research.You should completely avoid fat
entirely.Sugar as well.Foods that cary fats avoid.Foods that carry sugar
are ok in small amounts.You do not really need the sugar from foods.You
need the citric acids.They are your energy sources.Your vitamins come from
sunlight and vegetables.Proteins are not necessary unless you are a hard
worker.They provide very good balance but no milk or dairy.

KetoBabe says:

Where are you getting your pre-formed vitamin A from if ones diet is so low
in fat. I would never eat margarine as it is man made and not healthy. I do
not eat a lot of fat but when i do it is olive oil (cold pressed) coconut
oil, and avocado oil and a little butter. I eat fish for my omega 3 fats.
Are you sure your data is up to date.

Brenda Glancy says:

Margarine! Omg 

chris Bryson says:

Isn’t aging also relevent to your genes? For example some people can live
up to 100 and have smoked all their life, with members of their family
doing the same. Yet their friends that have lived in a similar way will die
long before them. Something in their genes helps them to battle against
illnesses and cancers, etc.

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