Top Gear Leathers: Providing Ultra-Comfortable Motorcycle Racing Suits

Top Gear Leathers: Providing Ultra-Comfortable Motorcycle Racing Suits

Wearing safety suit in a sport activity is mandatory and also a necessity to avoid disastrous consequences and protect body from any accident. Accidents do happen in every sport, but many a times the protection of safety suit saves the player from a troublesome act. Similarly in motorcycle racing, motorcycle racing suits are worn to protect the racer while racing and also to keep the body safe in case of any accident. But the material and composition of racing suit decides its effectiveness as an accident protective suit. If the suit is strong enough then it can very well save you from grave injuries after an accident. Top Gear Leathers is one such website that provides sturdy and durable racing suits made of a variety of protective material and designs.

During extreme riding, a racer’s concentration on the race and control on bike is extremely important, so he should not be facing any extra discomfort while racing. Keeping this fact in mind Top Gear Leathers have made motorcycle suits that are ultra-comfortable while also being light weight and high flexible. Their suits don’t just protect the racer but also provide overall comfort while driving and allow optimum body movements.

Top Gear Leathers racing suits are made with co-injected protectors that completely protect the body imparting extreme safety. While their suit-boot fastening system provides enough safety, their proper perforation technique for full ventilation keeps the racer cool while driving. Aerodynamic speed hump are embedded in suits along with knee, shoulder and elbow protectors like Titanium shoulder inserts.

Top Gear Leathers suits are tear resistant, extremely strong and are bonded with nylon threading. Nylon panels with high elasticity are fitted in torso, arms, inseam and calves that provide ease of sudden movements. While being in riding position, the racer needs most comfort at elbows and knees, hence rotated sleeves and pre-curved legs are attached for comfort in riding position. Metal circumferential zippers are attached to make the suit more comfortable. Their suits are available in plenty of colours and patterns to choose from.

Motorcycle leather suits are also available that are made with extra soft leather with pre-curved sleeves and have the same characteristics of safety and comfort like other racing suits. These suits come with removable padding at thighs, mesh lining and interior armour with abrasion resistance. These are exceptionally durable and look great as well.

So, if you are looking for a great motorcycle racing suit then look no further than Top Gear Leathers.

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