Treat Type 2 Diabetes: Does Your Doctor Expect You to Stay Sick?

Treat Type 2 Diabetes: Does Your Doctor Expect You to Stay Sick? – Type 2 diabetes is reversible. If your doctor hasn’t told you this, it’s time to find a new one. Learn more from a doctor who shares research findings. -…



Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

Your data on inflammation is correct. There are different ‘sizes’ of LDL
particles – large ones are okay and small ones are bad. Also, LDL should be
offset by ample HDL (the known good guy and the one that pulls any bad
cholesterol out of the body. And yes, just trying to lower cholesterol for
the sake of lowering it without addressing the cause of inflammation is a
bad idea – cholesterol is very important and needed. Glad you’re feeling
better! Best, Dr Vikki

Gino Evangelista says:

Good Day Dr. Petersen, Do you know of a good online source for non-gmo
products ? Thanks.

Maria Roqueta says:

Wondering… Can type 2 diabetes be reversed IF U ALSO HAVE- Hashimoto’s
and adrenal fatigue????????
Please address- thanks!!❤️

Tamara F says:

+Dr. Vikki Petersen Besides healthy vegetable rich diet, what methods can
be employed to remove toxins/chemicals from the body in high amounts?
Also could you offer any dietary suggestions for a vegetable based diet…
like actual meal plans and resources like videos/books? Thanks a lot. I
would definitely come to California if I could… I so wish you guys would
just do phone based consultations 🙁 

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