With Whyislam.org Take Your First Step to Know More about Islam

With Whyislam.org Take Your First Step to Know More about Islam

In this world which is ubiquitously plagued with terrorism and immoral deeds, the very sight of annihilation and the laments for lost ones shrouds a very pure and sanctimonious religion called Islam. Why is it that we develop our biased pre conceived notions whenever you hear Islam or see an Islamic person with a raised brow? Well, the problem lies in lacking an in depth knowledge about Islam. Once you get to know more about this religion, you’ll be enamored with its principles and teachings.

It is indispensible that before you take your first step to learn about this religion, you need to select the most authentic platform which guides you through the basic preaching of their god. Whyislam.org is an initiative that was launched in 1999 by volunteers of Islamic Circle of North America to create awareness regarding this often misunderstood religion. They strive to spread correct information about the fastest growing religion in the world which is practiced by over 1.6 billion people all over the world out of which there are 3.3 million muslims in America.

The volunteers have been putting their best efforts through various mediums, one of which is the website Whyislam.org. Right from historic Islamic legacy to its various forms, there is a plethora of literature being posted online. If you are eager to explore more, you can avail the service one to one email correspondence and join an interactive forum of Whyislam.org wherein followers put forth their beliefs and facts about Islam religion.

Can there be any better way to learn more about Islam by visiting a mosque and witnessing the rituals live? The website Whyislam.org so beautifully explains the concept of Allah and Prophets that will make you fall in love with this religion. There is a brief over view of Quran, Holy book of Islamic religion that contains important excerpts for you to read and understand.

If you want to spread the holy teachings of Islam, then you must shop online to buy books about Islam and t- shirts that speak glory of this sacred religion. Let’s join hands to remove all those misconceptions regarding Islam and spread happiness around.

For more details, you may log on to https://www.whyislam.org/.



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