20 Anti-Aging foods

20 Anti-Aging foods

20 Anti-aging foods Exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to keep you looking years — or decades — younger. But certain foods possess qualities that will improve your skin, boost…



onebighoe says:

Best anti aging is eating cereal and fasting. 

Daryl Smith says:
Ely Cirilo says:

Awesome..i love it

In-Home Care (Peoplescare) says:

As we age, one of the ways we can improve our well-being is by having a
healthy diet. The video below gives us a comprehensive list of foods that
can help us age healthy and gracefully.

20 Anti-Aging foods

George Louis says:

I don’t like it when steven hawkins is the narrator!

Carl's Celebrity Consultant says:

Comments about video; “20 anti-aging foods’
From Website; BeyondLongevityUntoImmortality
I eat this week 1/4 wedge of a lettuce head at 7am,11am,5pm,i didn’t eat a
lettuce leaf on a sub from the deli. with this lettuce are red grapes and
watermelon., next week is to be 1/3 package of baby leaf spinach for the 3
main meals with watermelon and 1 small can of crushed pineapple., that’s 3
small cans every day. I’am a vegan

Sam Guna says:

Always stay #young and #sexy 

Last Ninja says:

If science found a way to keep you looking like you are 20 years old for
life but are still susceptible to diseases and cancers I wonder how many
people would still pursue healthy eating habits? Probably still a lot but
most people will do it for aesthetic benefits.

BigKid nao says:

seriously ? whey protein and red wine?? red wine is full of sugar and sugar
breaks the collagen and makes you age and look much older than you really

James Talbot says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Paula Perry says:

never mind, laysalaysa, i see your account has been terminated, enough

Byron Whitman says:

I have an awesome super greens vegan protein smoothie recipe, and how to
build a great business with it Byron Bitcoin Facebook. Also DNA
telomerase activation – anti-aging science. 

Maria Nieves de las Heras R. says:
KungFuChess says:

2:18 say what?!

Rodney Walker says:

The fact that anyone suggest you should eat Fish, which is a living animal,
proves they do not know what they’re talking about.

Harmony Lane Health says:

20 Anti-Aging Foods

Christopher ellis says:

Red wine is made with the skin in the mix. It is in the skin of the grape
that Resveratol is found; so, skip the alcohol & simply eat grapes, just
don’t peel them first.

Paula Perry says:

i would like to know who writes/films fantechtv. i clicked on about,
nothing comes up. i like to know the sources of what i read or watch. can
you tell me about this channel? thanks

Doris Dsouza says:

thanks for the information I will try it

Ezekiel David says:

1. blueberries, 2. wild salmon, 3. pistachios, 4. whey protein, 5. greek
yoghurt, 6. coffee, 7. baramundi, 8. oats, 9. red wine, 10. spinach 11.
corn 12. whole grain 13. cinnamon, 14. dark chocolate 15. curcumin 16 sweet
potatoe 17 green tea 18 watermelon 19 hemp 20 rainbow trout

Chris Coppola says:

anti aging is right. Im 49 and when I starting taking berries and salmon
and now im only 20. love it

Marie Brewer says:

Exercise and eating whole food are the best way to go! I can’t do needles!!
Great info and I will try more blueberries!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Ms. M

LaysaLaysa says:

Stay #young always

LaysaLaysa says:

Good morning friends. Stay Young always.

joe18370 says:

corn contains high levels of pestacides unless it is organic corn salmon
contains mercury and radiation green juices are better and avacado for fat

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