Ashenoff and Associates: Providing World Class Investigation and Security Services

Ashenoff and Associates: Providing World Class Investigation and Security Services

Security is an issue that perturbs to all and sundry, be it a page 3 figure or some politician. Have you ever wondered how do stars like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt manage to move out of the airport without getting a single push when thousands of fans thronged to catch their single glimpse? Or Mr. Barack Obama gracefully waving to his fellow countrymen while participating in a rally on July 4th without getting troubled by any hassle? All credit goes to the excellent executive protection (Proteccion A Ejecutivos) services by leading agencies. One such agency is Ashenoff and Associates. With their matchless executive protection and other investigation services, Ashenoff and Associates has become the first priority in the field of security and investigation.

Apart from providing physical protection through armed bodyguards, the agency also manages the travel arrangements with adequate crowd surveillance leaving no window for any mishap. It combines security with first-rate technology enabling easy detection of any invasion and wiretapping. Their Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) strategy carefully examines the telephonic lines and detects the presence of any clandestine transmitters.

Ashenoff and Associates has a team of investigators who are certified by the Board of Criminal Defense. The investigator (el investigador) can easily retrieve any past record of a criminal and engage its adroit investigators to carry out any daunting investigation. They have the state-of-the-art facility of Satellite Imagery which helps to locate a target during the course of an investigation. Their comprehensive security measures don’t just protect you from any outside invasion but from the risk of any employee manipulations as well. With more number of complaints of employee thefts being witnessed, it has made timely screening of current employees and background verification of prospective employees indispensably crucial.

Workers’ Compensation is another loophole where the workers can avail undue benefit at the cost of company’s profitability by claiming higher compensation. This issue has been well addressed by Ashenoff and Associates by employing the best of photographic coverage and physical surveillance instruments. They conduct interviews to gauge the enormity of a loss and determine suitable compensation for the same. Other than workers compensation investigation, this agency has been pioneering in providing following services as well:

• Due diligence investigation

• Corporate Investigation

• Security and Engineering surveys

• Litigation support

• Additional research and investigations

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