Choose Hard Head Veterans, For Rugged and Long Lasting Tactical Helmets

Choose Hard Head Veterans, For Rugged and Long Lasting Tactical Helmets

Helmets are not just a mere utility for protecting in driving or for following the road safety rules. There is another crucial point of utility factor for helmets, like military helmet, ski helmet, astronaut helmet, full face or open face helmet, camogie helmet, bicycling helmet, helmets used in sports and many more categories. In military helmets there are a variety of options such as advanced combat helmet that are used by US army. These combat helmets offer more protection increasing by 9mm and are easy to mount communication or night vision devices, thereby improving vigilance during army raids. Thus, helmets are more important for plethora of other uses along with head protection.

The protective quality and robustness of helmets matters the most which keeps them sturdy in the long run including rough usage also. If you are looking for such tenacious multitasking helmet, then HardHead Veterans are your ideal partners.

They are a veteran owned company that designs helmets according to preference of usage. They provide superior quality tactical helmet made with Above the Ear (ATE) ballistic helmet shell which is the standard set in military, security personal and law enforcement. It is designed protect the user comforting them while wearing the helmet, combining its protection and weight proportionately and users can avail it at best affordable price.

They produce the shell combining it with products like lines, shrouds and pads purchasing them from premium reliable manufacturers like Wilcox, Norotos, Team Wendy.Their helmets are fast helmet with ballistic and impact protection. These helmets are certified NIJ Level IIIA with fragment performance of 17gr V50 equal or more than 2400ft/sec and impact performance with ACH specification.

Their helmets have plethora of features such as compatible and easy to wear, suiting conveniently to the user’s head having light-weight and retaining easily for every adjustment. It also prevents wobbling and NVG bounces. It meets CO/PD-05-04 standards and have relaxing padding system comforting head.

You can choose your helmet type according to your head circumference and whichever suits your head based on its weight. Their helmets have plenty of patterns upon it with various colours like Tan, Multicam, OD green, AOR1 and black. They tests their helmet quality first checking it to withstand wet, dry, ballistic, blunt and frag testing. The ballistic shell is provided with 10 years warranty period with one year warranty for shroud system, rail, line and retention. If accidently your helmet gets damaged they analyse your helmet and replace it with a new one.

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