Providing you In-depth Knowledge of Christianity Providing you In-depth Knowledge of Christianity

Christianity is one of the largest monotheistic religions in the world with more than two billion followers worldwide. The religion is primarily based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus saved humanity from sins allowing each person the choice of a personal relationship with direct with God, as it was in the days of Adam before sin entered the world.

The followers of Christianity believe, the Old Testament and the New Testament are the holy record of the pious life and teachings of Jesus. According to Christian faith it is believed that God is one as defined in three elements –

  • God the Father
  • God the Son &
  • God the Holy Spirit

Many Christians are aware of the love and the teachings that Jesus showered on his children, but still a major part of the population is unaware of the very tenets of Christianity. Their lack of knowledge has led them to believe that Jesus didn’t even exist on earth and are least interested in the morals that He taught us. However, there are also many individuals who are willing to seek knowledge and wisdom that Christ spread among his disciples.

An amazing web portal, can be of great use as a sign posting one-stop source for those looking to gain the pious knowledge and teachings of Christianity. The portal redirects you to some informative websites that can help you in exploring more about Christianity. There are separate categories on the website that helps you gain basic understanding of the faith and also gives you an opportunity to visit distinct places where you can explore about the Christian faith in person.

For instance, through you can see the basic understanding of Christianity and the fact that god loved and healed people by helping them on earth. also has a section of relevant websites that redirects you to some portals from where you can discover more of Christianity in person. These websites are Alpha, Christianity Explored and Find a Church that will help you in finding places to attend lectures and seminars on Christian faith or finding a church in your local area in the UK.

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