Clay Inn: Offering You Cute Cat Coffee Mugs

Clay Inn: Offering You Cute Cat Coffee Mugs

A purring cat with coupled with your morning coffee are the simple things in your life that make it a happy one. There are few known pleasures that equal to the first sip of coffee in the morning. If you have a cute cat themed coffee mug, that’s everything you need to leave for work with a smile on your face. With a wide variety of coffee mugs available in the market, you can purchase such exclusive assortment of these mugs from one of the leading online stores.

Clay Inn is one such reliable online store that offers you cute cat coffee mugs at affordable prices. They provide you with coffee mugs with cat prints in different forms, colours, shapes, styles and sizes.

Found in Jingdezhen (China), Clay Inn proffers you all premium grade ceramic items and lots of other accessories within your budget constraints. Being operated by accomplished and talented team of young designers, they offer you ceramic mugs with fine printing quality. You just have to spend $49 to get both natural and ceramic items here. All the coffee mugs and other items available at their store are designed by expert designers. The coffee mugs here come with matching saucers and spoons.

In addition to this, Clay Inn is a web store that sells excellent cat mug set that comprises of 3 cups in a single set. Two of the most used materials are clay and glaze, which gives the mug durability. You can choose the one that best suits your style and taste.

Using clay glazed at 2408 °F or 1320 °C temperature, these kitty cat mugs are hand-made and hand painted. They never deal with fake items which makes them a reputable store in the market. They ship to over 100 countries with minimum delivery charges.

Apart from these, Clay Inn also supplies original porcelain products such as tableware, vases and plenty more items. Best of all, they are a trustworthy web shop that supplies cat coffee mug with guarantee of no breakage and slot cushioning.

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