First Kick Academy: Building Soccer Acumen in Kids

First Kick Academy: Building Soccer Acumen in Kids

Whenever you see your favorite footballer on the field going for the perfect shot, don’t you ever feel inspired and elated? You would have always dreamt of playing like him but eventually you couldn’t. Perhaps, the unavailability of world class soccer academy in your locality and their expensive coaching programs were enough to shatter your dreams. Now, when you are a grown up adult you can at least realize your dream by making your son pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer. Well, you needn’t worry anymore! First Kick Academy is all set to give wings to your kid’s soccer dreams. With their excellent youth soccer training programs, you wouldn’t be astonished to see your kid playing on the likes of Ronaldo and Messi.

Being based in Singapore, First Kick Academy has designed a well structured program catering to the needs of specific age groups. They ensure that your kid gets a proper warm up before taking ball control and kicking techniques’ lessons. When your kid is on their ground, he’s not just kicking for fun. Who knows you’re about the witness the rise of a terrific footballer. Qualified coaches at First Kick Academy help the kids to master soccer skills. You are not required to pay hefty fees, as they run quite affordable sports coaching courses. They charge $ 80 for registration and $ 300 for 8 sessions. If you want to avail other incentives as well like a $ 20 off for early birds and a sibling discount of $ 20, you must not delay your decision. It has campuses in six different locations enabling every part of the city to take soccer lessons.

First Kick Coaches Development is another program run to train the coaches and those people who want to gain more information regarding effective soccer coaching. The coaches are well trained to instill a feeling of team spirit and sportsmanship among the kids.

Soccer has gradually begun to gain immense popularity in parties. First Kick Academy organizes soccer theme parties for kids wherein the coaches give handy soccer tips and arrange short matches. It’s a great way to party where you don’t just get to enjoy but learn more about soccer. If you want your kids to build a successful career in soccer, join hands with the best coaches of First Kick Academy you’d ever find!

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