First Kick Academy: Enhancing your Kid’s Soccer Skills

First Kick Academy: Enhancing your Kid’s Soccer Skills

Soccer is the passionate sport that requires special skills to master the sport proficiently. To learn its skills and become a winner in it, you need to practice it for some years under a proficient trainer who can train you accordingly observing your desired skills with maximizing your potential to retain more while playing. If you see your child having that enthusiasm for soccer then you must train him under a premium coaching center to sharpen his soccer skills. Age doesn’t matter when you are crazy for soccer; it just requires superior soccer skills training.

First Kick Academy in Singapore is the most suitable training center for your child if you are seeking to train him soccer under no worries converting him to a master of soccer. They have training plans for different age groups, starting from 4 to 6 yrs, 7 to 10 yrs and 11 to 14 yrs old. Their each soccer training session plan is divided into several training techniques, for first group comprising of warm up/fun games, ball control, techniques, and small sided games. For second group the techniques are similar, adding on speed and 1v1 in it. And for the last group individual tactic development and finishing are add for final preparation.

Their trainers are the most experienced professional coach having expertise in soccer from many years. Their training is offered at affordable prices with several discounts. They also organize inter center competition every 6 month termed as 5V5 fiesta for exposing kids to competition but in a fun to learn, enjoy and defend their playing strategies as well. They have centers at several places like Bishan, Kovan, Thomson, Punggol and some more.

For the kids training, i.e. the youth soccer coaching they have different training timings by age of kids accordingly. They also conduct soccer camp of 2 days during June and December to have more training and playing times with fun. The aim is to build up friendly relations between kids and building up teamwork engaging them in various developmental activities.

If you want to present your child with a birthday party with his soccer team, then they also organize in celebrating kids birthday parties in soccer theme. They maintain a healthy fun environment to sharpen your child skills with facing competition building up a sporty character in him.

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