How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, AND Lost Weight Naturally Without Drugs

How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, AND Lost Weight Naturally Without Drugs

My Story: Thanksgiving 2007 a family member tested my blood sugar. It was 417. I started reading and bout a test-meter. By the time I got to see a Dr about 3 months later I had already begun…



LCHFinCanada says:

I also read Bernstein’s book, I simply found his diet too low-calorie for
me – I was 320lbs at diagnosis (12.1% A1c, ouch) and found that in order to
exercise I needed at least 3,000 calories a day. I ate low carb – under
100g carb daily even when eating as much as 4,000 calories a day. I
exercised more and dropped more weight. Now I’m about 225lbs and eat about
2800 calories a day, still low-carb, and have an A1c of 5.4% Thanks for
posting your success too, good job.

reitze01 says:

@really253 I never implemented DTD for myself, primarily because my own
efforts were successful B4 I bought that book. My results do affirm the
wisdom compiled there. HOWEVER, he misses the psychology aspects (which
testing cuts through denialism for ‘loved foods’). I began with Bernstein’s
book and added the Test-Strip “bio-feedback” aspect. That’s not the same as
info-gathering. I’m also not a fan of Dr Pusher – the threatening letters
were SCARY-RUDE too (and just WRONG).

reitze01 says:

you can do it!!! Note that most bloggers I’ve read who failed followed
their Dr’s advice rather than going hard-core diet like I did. For me that
was NO CARBS, NO STARCH, NO SUGGAR for over 3 months. After that, a piece
of bread really is like drinking a german beer (I drink light beer now

giamackay says:

diabetes type 2 is not reversible!!!

reitze01 says:

@LCHFinCanada I obviously created my own “modified version” of it. The
test-strips were a key guide as to what was “glucose blasting” and that
concern came from an “engineering intuition” – that like a machine, the
human body has some.

Bunkysmom65 says:

Have you done any reading about Alpha Lipoic Acid? It’s the recommended
treatment in Germany and other European countries for diabetic neuropathy.
My mom has been a type II for about 20 years and started taking ALA about
two years ago. Her feet had been numb for a few years at that point. It
took a couple weeks and she had sensation back. Doses are individual, so
you need to read up and find the right level for you. Good luck. 🙂

alexiip89 says:

I really hope I am able to reverse this.. 🙁

reitze01 says:

@really253 I’ve read DTD. What the author DID is more like what I did than
what he wrote about. His book is a great source of nutrition/diet
information. But what I mean is that I simply used about 1500 test strips
to test things and familiarize myself with foods. So the “self engineering”
of his approach is what I did – before I read his book, and my results are
better represented by his book than what would be worth it for me to do.

vova Sverchin says:

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reitze01 says:

Sure it is. I’ve enjoyed the reversal for over 4 years.

Nyishar says:

That’s awesome – you provide a balanced and rational approach that will be
a great example for others. Pharmaceutical drugs are created for the
specific purpose of addressing the symptoms once a disease/illness has
already made itself at home. They have very little to do with actual
healing. Diabetes type 1 and 2 are both conditions that can be completely
reversed through proper nutrition. Have you checked out Dr Gabriel Cousens
and the Tree Of Life Institute?

reitze01 says:

No I’m not familiar w/ Gabriel Cousens.

reitze01 says:

My video was about reversing problems WITHOUT drugs or supplements. If
you’re coming back from a more severe condition with more drugs involved,
your own video discussing those things might be more interesting than it is
here (someone other than me marked your reply as spam).

LCHFinCanada says:

@reitze01 Hey, hope the success continues for you! For me, I’ve now added
daily HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training) into my routine, and it’s
noticeably improving my insulin-sensitivity. My glucose was always doing
well because I was doing lots of cycling, but since I started the daily
HIIT (I still do endurance cycling 1 or 2x a week) things have been even
better! Cya!

reitze01 says:

@really253 Congrats getting off the drugs. Not having done a precise DTD –
as I said in this vid, after I got my BG below a 150 average I shifted my
focus to “calories awareness” to loose weight – and THAT reversed
hypertension too. May you continue to enjoy good health improvements – its
a fountain of youth!

reitze01 says:

My best guess is I’ve been ‘mildly diabetic’ since gaining weight during
college. The only way I found out was by the relative giving me the BG test
with her husbands kit. As I said in this video 2 years ago, that was 2007.
Since then I’ve learned the primary aspects are weight and “glucose
blasters”. Other than the “thirsty” symptom around 2004 I never did have
any real symptoms. If you’re concerned stay away from carbs, suggars, and
starch. Its that simple… (i do some in moderation).

ttmagic Theart says:

Oh hey! Have you ever tried – Dr Rosswill Reverse Diabetes (should be on
google have a look)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my
cousin got great results with it.

Joey Moran says:

hi guys its me the fuckt up Diabetes: dyslexic boy i just now make up my
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Joey Moran says:

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robert harris says:

So u can get rid of diabetes right , I hear dat type 1 is the diabetes dat
u can’t get rid of but I hear dat type 2 is the diabetes dat u can rid of
and I hear dat u can get rid of it without taking insulin, I don’t have it
but it runs in my family 

Joey Moran says:

hi guys hi reitze01 i am just saying hi and hopeing you r still going good
whit the type 2 stuff ok your post did help me get a bit better and in the
last 3 days i have been geting better and to day i feel very good but its
not from the drugs and stuff just knowing that you care that help me get
better i think ok so hugs to you bye…

Real Diabetic Solutions says:

Thanks for the video. This could very helpful for someone with diabetes who
needs to lose weight.

Obarinemisafe Nne says:

Thanks for this video. Do you know how many amputations occur annually
because of diabetes? I read it here:

anita Manandhar says:

hey hey! Have you studied – the Curesal Rapid Diabetes Reversal program (do
a search for it on GOOGLE)? Ive heard some intriguing things about it and
my neighbor got outstanding results in lower sugar levels from it. 

Joey Moran says:

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Joey Moran says:

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Robert Taylor says:

when you went down to 180 did your blood sugar go down? send me an email at 

robert harris says:

So u can get rid of diabetes right , I hear dat type 1 is the diabetes dat
u can’t get rid of but I hear dat type 2 is the diabetes dat u can rid of
and I hear dat u can get rid of it without taking insulin, I don’t have it
but it runs in my family 

Winnie W. Ortiz says:

There is a way to reverse your diabetes condition – completely – and you
can get it done without insulin or glucose-lowering drugs, completely

catscan9 says:

Thanks for confirming my experience with yours. I started the Atkins diet
but ate mainly lean meats and lots of non starchy veggies. I started with
the 20 or less carbs a day and checked my blood sugar every day and was
shocked to see my glucose go from 217 to 118 in one month. My blood
pressure is going down and I’m losing weight. My doctor was about to put
me on insulin. I knew eating junk was effecting my health but I loved that
sugar high. It’s an addiction that’s hard to kick. Right now I’m adding
more carbs until my glucose starts creeping up, then I’ll know my carb
limit. Everyone has their own carb limit and glucose testing is the
simplest way to find it. 

marie harris says:

Dr Joel Wallach says he can cure diabetes in less than 2 weeks with his
Nutrients, specifically minerals and their co-factors. His company is
Youngevity. Has anyone tried this approach. He claims it is a Nutrient

Margarita Porter says:

You have to be aware of why you you get diabetes and the scientific method
how to heal it eternally.

BestTransformation says:

Good job mate! Here are some of my results reversing diabetes with a Low
Fat Vegan Diet

ShineyM says:

Congratulations 🙂 Now make sure to never go back to that state 🙂 

jerseygirl0869 says:

why do you see Bernstien’s diet different than Atkins. They seem VERY

Bella Ley says:

With conventional drugs, diabetes cannot be curable completely. Fortunately
you will find a tested scientific technique to treat diabetes 100% natural

Emina V. Bergman says:

Believe it or not, diabetes type 2 may be healed merely by diet
appropriately . 

Dr. Shridhar Aggarwal says:

Watch our video on diabetes reversal

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