How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Http:// Diabetes is a curable disease. As a dietary disease, it demands a dietary treatment. The principles are outlined here.



Jim Bedore says:

Diabetic for thirty years, what you hear in this is true. I didn’t get much
help from mr Dr. except take more insulin. I got to 250lbs. Now thanks to
Youtube I lowered my carbohydrate and losses 75lbs. I take a third if
insulin that use to, and A1C is nuch lower. Now U have a new Dr. Good Luck
everyone keep learning and help yourslef.

shashwat garg says:

Can this be used for type 1 diabetes as well?

Kwanza Henderson says:

+Jason Fung is this real? Can this really be done? I mean seriously. All
these doctors say it’s not possible and I’m seeing you day it is possible.
Please be honest because my was just diagnosed as type 2 and i want to send
him this video. 

Jennifer Bingham says:

I am a very thin type 2-and don’t want to lose anymore weight. Can your
program still work for me without having to lose more weight?

Richard Gee says:

No kidding I have type two and I have the tinging feet and my eyes are
starting to get worse. I eat alot of kimchi and grow my own vegetables. Yes
I agree the insulin causes it. I eat alot of Fuji apples My sticks on a
daily basis may run from 180 to 320 I am max on metforman. I do not take
shots. I excessive when I can an will be back the gym soon I keep my meals
down to 1/2 cup sticky rice not that much meat but yes.

Oumy Neferti says:

Good to know that there is hope. Thanks Doctor Fung for this awesome

vicachcoup says:

Excellent – this was something I suspected too – but this was explained
wtih great clarity.

Antonio Domingos says:

so i’m dying slowly uh…. there’s no cure,i get super upset with all this
lies online!
pharmacies,world leaders don’t want a cure,why ? this can help reduce world
population and keep them wealth with all this donations for “cure research”

Kayla Nguyen says:

Hi 3minuteScience,
My doc does not advise fasting. It can lead to more fat bc the body will
store more when u starve it he says. He recommends smaller meals. Hope that
was the answer you were looking for :D

Ingrid L says:
rich guz says:

Mathis sounds great but I’m told last Friday they metaforin 500 mg 1x a day
me level was boderline , but I’ve never been fat , what about us 15%

Thunderbunny91AJ says:

Omg, I should have showm my dd this vid! XD He has type 2 and Neorapathy!
He take so many meds…

Richard Gee says:

The Korean Radishes, Korean Radish Greens, Hot Korean Peppers, Green, Bell
Peppers, Big Jim Anaheim, Tomatoes, Beets, Beet greens, My problem Sugar it
is like heroin, to me I keep thinking skull and crossbones every time I
see it. We are surrounded by people that think they should bring Brownies,
cookies, Breads jams, ect. to work, When I grow my garden I bring peppers,
tomatoes, cucumbers.
It is rough but I keep trying. Cinnamon with my coffee in the morning.

Noe Berengena says:

Intermittent fasting. Yes, of course.

Kassie Eppig says:

I have been doing intermittent fasting for a month. I am type 2 and my
starting blood sugar 350 average. I am at 125 average and expect in another
month below 100. Dr. Fung’s process works. I’m Keto diet on my eating days.

Catherine Sanders says:

>>>>>|||<<<<< *How a singIe teaspoon of sugar Iowers your immune system by up to 50% for 24 hours*. *This makes you more suceptibIe to the fIu, coIds, and other infections*. >>>>>|||<<<<<

Angela Cox says:

*The ADA’s advice to diabetics is that they can keep eating all the ice
cream, sweets and soft drinks they want, as long as they control their
blood sugar with pharmaceuticals. It’s medically absurd… The
organization is so outdated that it still won’t admit diabetes is curable,
even as credible studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals prove
that it is.*

Kayla Nguyen says:

Thanks Dr. Fung for educating youtubers. I am going to email this video to
my doctor. Fasting seems better than taking drugs which does not even taste
good. Please keep us updated if you have good tips to get rid of diabetes
or any other diseases. :D

John Smith says:

*There are numerous type 2 diabetes cures out there but which one is the
right one for you?*

Thomas Decker says:

So glad I found the truth. My doctor has been killing me on multiple levels
for two years now.

Brian Ted says:

……… all this talking , what is your treatment ?

Dorothy Buchta says:

I have a grandson in the Philippines who has type 2. Health care is bad
over there. He is taking 2 insulin shots per day. I don’t know the dose. He
is very skinny. Can he do this from the Philippines if he can find a doctor
who will monitor him.

Ian Upton says:

Hi, I live in Argentina, so I can’t go to your clinic. How could I get a
hold of your program so I can try it?

angel time says:

*>>I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels being a former
diabetes sufferer imagined I would undoubtedly die with diabetes>>*

Alejandra Rivera says:

Would you recommend this for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome as well?

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