Kika Skin Care: The One-Stop Destination for Skin and Hair Care

Kika Skin Care: The One-Stop Destination for Skin and Hair Care

Skin care is of utmost importance as dead skin, oil and blocked pores not only decrease the glow of your face but also make your face look dull and oily. Blocked pores reduce the skin’s breathability which harms its quality due to the accumulation of dead skin cells. Not just this, these blocked pores are also one of the major reasons for acne. Acne reduces the charm of your face which makes it more vital to care for your skin. This skin care shall be done with regular clean ups in order to clear the pores, adding a charm and glow to your face. Such services are provided by various skin care studios and one such studio is Kika Skin Care.

Kika Skin Care is a USA based skin care studio offering services of microdermabrasion San Diego along with other skin cell replenishing services. Kika Skin Care with its microdermabrasion services provides acne scar reduction, smooth skin and wrinkle reduction. This ensures the skin looks visibly cleaner and lighter after the process. Microdermabrasion also removes dead skin cells and counteracts the damage caused by sun’s heat.

Kika Skin Care also provides Sugaring San Diego services. Sugaring is a natural process of hair removal from the skin. Unlike wax, sugaring is not harmful to the skin cells. Sugaring hair removal involves use of all natural substances which can be consumed too and thus it is free from side effects. Sugaring can be done to minors too and is hardly painful when compared to use of hot wax. The wax which burns the skin cells can cause side effects due to cross contamination by using the same sticks twice but Kika Skin Care ensures its sugaring process is risk free whilst also shows quick results.

Kika Skin Care also provides acne facial San Diego services to its clients. Using completely natural ingredients based products; Kika Skin Care has made a name for itself by offering a nurturing experience with its facial services. They also provide back-cial which is a facial for the back, giving you a soothing and relaxing experience. The products used at Kika Skin Care are made by two of the leading skin care manufacturers namely The Image Ormedic and CA Botana.

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