Living for Longevity: The Nutrition Connection – Research on Aging

Living for Longevity: The Nutrition Connection  – Research on Aging

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Jonathan Thompson says:

eat foods that increase metabolic rate, detox every day, black pepper,
water, herbs, greens, berries, dark chocolate, chi/jing/relax energy.
juice daily for the blood, eat foods that reduce inflammation. 

Gods Son says:
Angela J says:

If a person who gives me a nutritional advice looks puffy and sallow and
overweight, should I take her advice on aging and longevity? Even with so
much makeup? No thanks…
She can continue with her breastfeeding on cow’s tits and eat slimy maggot
food i.e. fish carcases and other animal carcasses. How is chewing on
carcasses, vulture and maggot food good for us? Seriously?

maillaarni says:

Avoid any farmed fish. The reason is because they are fed grain-based foods
like ground corn, etc and they are given antibiotics and they have less
omega 3s. Wild fish eat more natural algaes and have more omega 3s.

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