ParqEx: Secure Parking Spaces Where You Need Them Most

ParqEx: Secure Parking Spaces Where You Need Them Most

Are you tired of searching for parking spaces? When visiting a highly populated area, finding a parking space is always a worry. Now, with the new trends in technology and the advancements in parking applications, you no longer have to worry. Say goodbye to the days of driving in circles helplessly searching for a parking spot. ParqEx is a new application that shows you the nearest available parking locations and tells you how to get there, too! Whether you’re looking for parking space for rent on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, ParqEx is able to find the spot for you.

ParqEx is a mobile application that connects those with parking to those who need parking. Parking spot owners within minutes are able to list their underutilized parking spot(s) on the ParqEx the spot is available. Then, those searching for parking are able to find these available parking spots through the app or website with a simple destination search.

Need to park your car overnight? ParqEx has overnight parking Chicago and overnight parking in many cities across the country. This simple to use application makes parking your car a breeze.

ParqEx helps you in the following ways:

  • Easily check the availability of the space on your smart phone before booking
  • Choose where you would like to park your vehicle based on fee, duration, locations, amenities
  • The application’s GPS system will guide you to the parking location with clear directions

In addition to this, if you are a person with an idle space and want to rent it out, ParqEx provides you with the best opportunity to do so.. With the help of the app you can list your empty space for monthly parking Chicago, hourly parking or daily parking and start making supplemental income.

If you are a parking spot owner looking to make some money off your underutilized space or are an individual looking to park your car in a cost-effective and convenient manner, ParqEx is the application for you.

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