Pipetech: Providing the Best Quality Service for Piping Work

Pipetech: Providing the Best Quality Service for Piping Work

Factory setups are known to use a lot of pipelines for their various processes. Generally being used to carry liquid or gas raw material from one area to another, or carrying out the fluid waste out of the establishment. These pipelines are important, since even the slightest compromise with its quality can result in spillage and damage potentially costing the company some serious money. Pipetech Projects & Maintenance Ltd is here to ensure that all your tasks are carried out smoothly and without any malfunctions. As expert pipework contractors they provide their specialist services to factories and industries in the south-east regions of England and London.

Pipetech’s fully integrated pipework contractor services include, supply, installation and testing of various types of piping like:

  • Stainless steel welded pipes with thin walls for pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Stainless steel pipes with welded and compressed sockets
  • Carbon steel pipes
  • Galvanized or plated steel pipes
  • Epoxy coated steel pipes
  • Thermosetting and thermoplastic pipes, and
  • Solvent welded ABS and PVC-U pipes

Pipetech’s expertise not only lies in providing many industries with pipework and installations; but also safety and assurance of proper installation and operation of the pipework. Due to the high importance of these services, and the risk around some tricky and hazard areas, it is necessary to keep everything in check. That is why Pipetech follow their very stringent HSE polices and methods on every project, making sure everything works in perfect harmony and mishaps are successfully avoided.

They even can provide their own specialised labour on fixed hourly rates. This arrangement can range from a single specialist welder or fitter on an hourly basis to a team of operatives including; pipefitters, mates, welders, supervisors, foremen, slingers, signaller, banksmen and plumbers as required to ensure the client has the right team in place for each pipework installation undertaken.

Pipetech Projects & Maintenance Ltd, maintain high levels of health and safety though out the company performing to DSEAR regs and also ATEX/ASET conditions on any of our projects. Pipetech is an active member of the British safety council and the quality audited by Achilles.

For more information, visit http://www.pipetechgroup.co.uk/



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