Thrive: Building Vitality on a Whole Food, Plant-based Diet

Thrive: Building Vitality on a Whole Food, Plant-based Diet

A presentation by Brendan Brazier. Based on his bestselling book, The Thrive Diet, Brendan Brazier will explain how to seamlessly incorporate a whole food, plant-based diet into your busy…



David Mosier says:

Please provide links or references to the proof of his approach. I can find
none. I can not agree with you on the intelligence of his approach, as most
of it is made up bunk. And bunk is not innovative, I see it on Youtube
every day. I am not trolling or hating, just saying that Brendan makes
factual errors in physiology in most every video I have seen. He is a
fraud. Find a new hero.

StopEatingMeatOrElse says:

Try Daiya cheese. It’s awesome.

marlene tobin says:

yeah hes awesome!!!! Willow-Brook – Okanagan bc…

sportmaster92 says:


panterizate says:

Steak is good for you.

agustn says:

Very interesting and inspirational. Its a luxury to attend your lectures
from Spain!!

Robert Krause says:

T-1 diabetes is caused by bovine protein in dairy… it was confirmed in
2002… the study was ended early because the evidence was so strong…
young bodies cannot filter out the bovine protein… once in the blood the
immune system attacks it… immune system cannot distinguish between the
bovine and the beta cells so it attacks both… auto-immune disease 101…

David Mosier says:

I bought and read Thrive and got very excited to be Vegan. Then I
researched it. And Brendan…What Brendan says is made up BUNK! He has no
qualifications in diet or nutrition or physiology. He was a mediocre
Triathlete for 2 years. A fine ultra runner for a few years after that.
That is all. No real science behind what he says. Look it up for yourself
before you tell me I am wrong. He is a snake oil sales man at best.

gyrate4 says:

Try nutritional yeast sprinkled on low fat vegan homemade pizzas—it has a
cheese-like taste. It’s loaded with b vitamins, and although I can’t prove
it, I feel it strongly affects my dreams.

Vicky Kalashian says:

took my first 3 years vegan, then i never craved it again infact it usually
grosses me out. Funny i went raw for a month the first time yeas ago, and
my taste buds were reprogrammed, i tried a cheezit once and it just tasted
like flour, bland. Haven’t looked back since 🙂

65ADORNO says:

What separates top athletes from Joe Blow is Genetics, and usually a nice
program of Anabolic steroids mixed with HGH and other ancillary drugs.

Grey Shake says:

omg that giraffe

paradisegirl. says:

Such a great video! Thank you! Great tips as well.

colonyofcells del machine says:

I am trying 3 types of vitamin b12 tablets every day just to be sure to get
vitamin b12 : cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin & dibencozide. I don’t eat
chlorella and spirulina anymore bec. dr michael greger says these can
produce toxins. Nutritional yeast that is not fortified have negligible
vitamin b12. I avoid fortified nutritional yeast bec I avoid the artificial
folic acid which is also bad for health. There are also many internet
sellers of organic sprouted flax powder and chia powder.

colonyofcells del machine says:

I buy most of my organic food in bulk by the lb from mountainroseherbs and
they sell maca powder (cultivated w/o chemicals). Vegan sources of carb are
many including vegetables, seaweeds, nuts, seeds, mushrooms which have lots
of micronutrients. Other carb sources with micronutrients such as fruits,
fruits as vegetables like squash, roots (sweet potato, taro, poi), sago
palm, legumes, grains. Also nice to buy roots like daikon and turnips with
their green tops so getting both roots and greens.

Clyde Rembrandt says:

Cheese substitute: ground unhulled sesame seeds (unhulled seeds have lots
of calcium), olive oil, and salt. … It’s not what I would call a health
food, but it is closer to one than cheese.

DonnaAndTora says:


gyrate4 says:

Really? I have crazy adventure dreams with convoluted plots after
nutritional yeast.

vshvideo says:

Yes cheese tastes great. Fortunately vegan cheeses have improved greatly in
taste in the last few years. Although eat sparingly as they are a highly
processed food with a lot of fat.

PureSunshineFruition says:

A company called Vegusto makes a fab cheese, but I’m not sure about
shipping to the US as its made in Switzerland. Really worth a try. Could
also make with soaked cashews, rejuvelac, nutritional yeast and miso, then
hardened with agar and xanthan gum

Zenhumanist says:

What a magnificent talk.

Robert Krause says:

calcium must be accompanied by iron and magnesium to get lodged into the
bone… dairy calcium is missing the other components necessary… eat
collard greens because they have the perfect ratio of iron and magnesium to
get the calcium lodged into the bone… milk is acidifying and causes the
body to remove calcium from the bones to neutralize your ph…so dairy
actually makes bone density worse…

PeanutChoco1 says:

I have nightmares after eating Nutritional Yeast.

Ariel Fleury says:

I have all of his books, read Thrive, use the thrive foods cookbook, and
now I am currently reading Thrive fitness. True rolemodel

colonyofcells del machine says:

I like sprouted nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. Sprouted grains cook
quickly and my favorites are buckwheat to help lower my blood sugar and
quinoa for protein. I also use lots of herbs in cooking like turmeric,
american ginseng, etc to help lower my blood sugar.

Fire Fly says:

With time you will exit your denial, and adopt a plant based whole foods
diet. Or you could wait for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer to give
you a wake up call. with massive healthcare bills to boot!

sugarmaven says:

Inspirational. Bolsters my decision to go vegan. My reasons are for
compassion towards animals, but the nutritional payback is stellar. Thanks
for uploading!

TopHatKitty says:

It’s very strange because I hear that thing about cheese alot, and after
becoming vegan I’ve found that it’s very true for me. Every once in a while
I want pizza or cheezits or just a regular hunk of cheese sooo badly. But
it’s not difficult for me not to eat it.

Απόλλωνας says:

It’s always inspiring to see young people follow the right habits that
promote health,well-being and longevity! Hands up for Brendan! Once in the
right track (Vegan) never go back 😉

Lifeforevernow says:

I have posted this on my blog because Brendan’s approach is proven,
intelligent and innovative.

marleybob52 says:

Thanks for the post. I really wish videos on health and nutrition had more
views. Brendan is the MAN! Love from North Vancouver BC Canada.

haridarshana says:

wow this presentation is full of pseudo scientific nonsense.

joseph eagan says:

Humans are omnivores plain and simple. The human body was not built to live
off of pants alone. Why do you think you have to incorporate so much to
replace meat. If it was ok you’d boot have to look fire ways to replace the
nutrients and proteins found in meat. 

Anil Thelu says:

This Almost-Magical Exercise Method builds muscle faster than steroids.
Just google Muscle Maker Method to find out more.

Jonathan Farrelly says:

great video love what your saying in this video and your book thrive ive
just read your book i especially like what your saying about stress i have
a belly and i eat better than most excercise more and i still am gaining
belly fat my favourite nutrition idol would be you dr mc dougall, michael
gregor ,janice stranger, william harris ,colm cambell,dean ornish .Dr.
Caldwell Esselstyn’to name but a few keep up the good work brendan 

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