Top 8 Anti-Aging Secrets of The 41-Year-Old Teenager Part 1

Top 8 Anti-Aging Secrets of The 41-Year-Old Teenager  Part 1 to get Part 2. There is a way to rejuvenate your body and experience virtual immortality. To have a physical body that barely ages with smooth skin that…



silversobe says:

@germanicelt Cannabinoids found in cannabis cause cancer cells to die off
in the body if eaten not smoked. Profound benefits.

maisantaerikakirea says:

he has his own formulas to avoid aging…congratulations! everyone must
take what is useful from his words to create his personal formula.

Velasca says:

Are you familiar with Peter Ragnar?

Blast Mode Processing FX 7 says:

I heard that sunshine is what makes you look older?

Chris Califano says:

@tommixoft Sunshine is necessary for basic health on so many levels,
including bone, muscle health. Two hours of sunshine even lowers
cholesterol much more than months of an drug or supplement. Sun was and is
the ultimate disinfectant. “Better living thru chemistry” has raped that in
the last few hundred years, and caused harmful “side” effects. The planet
areas and people who get the most sun get significantly less skin cancer.
Bottom Line; Sun too hot- go in the shade. Duhhh.

JOHN S says:


lethepthe says:

I think I can guess his main anti-aging secrets right now… He looks so
young because: 1. He has GREAT GENES. He is genetically superior to most of
us. That is a matter of pure luck. 2. He is thin. Obesity makes people look
horrible and it sends them to an early grave. You want to look younger and
live longer? Lose weight. 3. He exercises frequently. Looking good takes a
lot of effort. 4. He eats raw fruits and raw vegetables. That’s what our
primate ancestors ate so should we.

mike hunt says:

wrong. genes are responsible for 10% of aging. the rest is up to the
individual. and NO looking ‘good” is easy, looking healthy is the key. and
nuts, as well as fruits/veges.

chris badtrekkie says:


foier12 says:

dang how is your chest so full like so even

Wayne Brittain says:
Ma va says:

aw love that tummy

NasGaming92 says:

DAMMM this guy is going to live up to 200!

Andrew Jamrozik says:
Tranquil JOE says:

I love people who look younger than they look. Diet and health have effects
on your age, genetics to.

Gen Eric says:

Looking young is MOSTLY about GENES. Luck of the draw. Then there are the
other factors. But mostly GENES.

Xavier BenJamin says:

Thanks You AWesome)

bruce wayne says:

The lighting his low to high so it will make him look a bit older as it
shows more detail to the face that would not be obvious from above.

CosMedClinicMexico says:

Truly inspirational. A combination of exercise and the right diet really
does keep the years away.

valbona bergman says:

+flexbrat On Jan, 18, 2014: 116,995 people who have high blood cholesterol
are studied. Among them, 16 (0.01%) have Dark Circles Under Eyes.

John Maul says:

I love the adverts of recently retired guys playing golf, stiff grey haired
fat and ugly…….does it really have to be that way, that comes from my
old man !!

Kasnar Burns says:

You can probably eliminate a lot of joint issues – stiffness, arthritis,
etc. — by weaning yourself off of WHEAT!!!!

Steve123 says:

Looks in his 30’s.

Erika Cecchini says:

actually, I think you look like you were 30something, not a teenager… no
offense meant, just saying.

Chauncey Rash says:

That was strange.

Xtremetic says:

Roger is the closest to physical perfection I have seen in a man. Although
not the most handsome of guys he has a body like a Greek sculpture of
Apollo. Forget about those pumped up body builders – this is how man in his
primeval state as a hunter-gatherer is supposed to look. Just look at the
remaining bush men in the world today to see what I mean.

Victor Warner says:

well he does look good thats for sure, idk about teen but 30ish with good
skin and slim and fit

Barracuda Bites says:

man you look like your in your mid 20s,very inspirational

HeyitsPiper says:

Pale? haha I’ve dated pale, pasty white pale. He’s definitely not pale lol

The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

Anybody know if this little kid knows what he’s talking about?

Michael Frake says:

Na, he doesn’t look like he’s in his 30s. He looks like he is 30 or
possibly late 20s.

ⓟⓛⓐⓢⓜⓐ ᕈᒪᗩᔕᙢᗩ John Doe says:

what are your thoughts about ” eat right for your bloodtype”?

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