TradeLocks: Providing Exclusive and Affordable Locksmith Courses

TradeLocks: Providing Exclusive and Affordable Locksmith Courses

In this world where crimes rates are on an ever increasing high, it is imperative that locks must be of high quality which can give burglars a tough time breaking in. To be a professional locksmith, one needs to join a comprehensive locksmith course. Joining a renowned locksmith training academy benefits a lot but with practical training, skills can be learned with expertise and in a quick manner. TradeLocks offers the most efficient and affordable training of locksmith courses by providing full exposure to practical training of working on cars.

Their training comprises of 8 days’ curriculum to get trained right from the scratch to become a professional expert in auto-locksmith and other areas. They allow working on real cars for understanding the whole working of locks in cars and aspects of trade. This automotive course is divided into 5 modules. Beginning from basic auto entry with variety of techniques like how to strip down locks, re-key and re-build locks, you would also learn to use different Keyline cutting machines, non-destructive ways to enter into vehicles using basic tools such as long reach tools, hand pick, jiggler keys, over lifters, basic tibbe lock tools and many more. Module 2 includes Genuine Lishi picking and decoding training course comprising of using Genuine Lishi tools to decode Lishi 2 in 1 or 3 in 1.

They also help you learn with the most challenging locks, identification of certain locks, how to understand the cuts and shapes of particular locks and how to unlock different patterns and grips of locks with expertise. They also teach car programming course along with it to understand programming using KD900 for building and programming wide range of remotes of Keydiy. It also include Truecode key programmer with coding keys, cut keys, plug in various ports and assign new code keys to cars. The tango and SuperVAG programming course is another most sought after course where programming of keys is done in a lost situation without OBD programming using tango transponder programming and many more tasks.

They also provide their marketing specialists for leaflets and business cards for your brand’s marketing and guide on how to promote your business.

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