Why the TouchIT I Series is Ideal for Rental?

Why the TouchIT I Series is Ideal for Rental?

The TouchIT I Series from www.rentatouchscreen.com (a trading division of TouchIT Technologies) is the ideal interactive flat panel for renting to your customers. Firstly, the unit comes in a travel case which is durable and most importantly, made in the USA. There are many travel cases on the market that are just not fit for purpose. We’re an American company so promote the “made in America” nature of our travel cases. The wheels are large and incredibly sturdy and the travel case itself comes with a self contained lifting mechanism that allows a single person to lift the rental touch screen into position. This is ideal when you are renting touch screen as it means that a single person can take care of the delivery to your customer maximising your profits.

The I Series from TouchIT Technologies is the ideal interactive flat panel for the rental market. Straight out the box it is ready to go. The on-board Android OS means that you don’t have to have a PC connected to be able to use the LED. Never before in the rental market has this been possible. The worries of customer PCs and MACs not working or needing drivers, this is all taken away with the I series from TouchIT Technologies.

Run your favourite Apps that you can download from the TouchIT App Store, totally free of charge. Productivity Apps such as the Microsoft suite are available to download straight out of the store. It is really easy to put together a set of Apps to run on the screen that your rental customers will just love.

The OPS PC means that if your rental customers are much more comfortable with the Windows Operating system, then they can simply use that. Servicing an OPS PC is quick and easy in itself as you simply slot it into the screen. Need to change it, then slot in a different one – really easy.



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