Why You Should Consider Renting Touchscreens.

Why You Should Consider Renting Touchscreens.

If you have been renting regular flat panels to your customers, then there is no reason why you should not be considering adding touch screens to your portfolio. Previously, touchscreens were complicated to setup and the idea of a customer that rents a panel for a day would be able to get there head around it quickly enough to be able to use it just simply was not possible. Until now. What rentatouchscreen.com has done is that they have made the whole process simple. Simple sells, we all know that.

Adding a touchscreen to your rental portfolio manufactured by rentatouchscreen.com is very easy. All out screens come ready-to-rent straight out of the box. You can configure the screen exactly how you want it. By this, we mean that you can visit the TouchIT App Store and download some of the productivity Apps that are out there. The on-board Android offers you the ability to be working PC Free. Roll the LED into the customer’s location, pop up the screen out of the travel case (which can be done by a single person, even on the larger sizes) and the screen is ready to go. The on-board android kicks in without you having to have a PC attached. Open Word Docs, PowerPoint presentations, all from the screen’s operating system. This brings a whole new dynamic to meetings as tapping through a PowerPoint presentation for example on the touch screen is so much more dynamic and engaging to your audience than being stock behind a computer and clicking a mouse.

Renting Touch Screens to your customers is also more financially beneficial to you – as you would expect, the rental yield on a touch screen is much better than that of a regular flat panel. At the same time, as we have mentioned, your customers we feel, will also benefit as the touch screen gives them a much more dynamic presentation tool for their meetings – make a meeting memorable instead of just a date in the diary.

If you need more information on renting touch screens, please do visit our website at rentatouchscreen.com We’re a trading division of TouchIT Technologies so touch screens are very much part of our DNA. We’ve a team of experts ready to help you with your next rental of an interactive flat panel.



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